Posting Guidelines.

Posting Guidelines.

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Weclome to the Profession Balance sub-forum! Here’s a few things to keep in mind when posting on this forum:

  • Make a good title. This will help us identify how you’re approaching something. Examples: “[PvP][Guardian] Omfgwtfbbq QQ. [PvE][Thief] Suggestions for stealth.[WvW]Why do I keep dying to supply Dolyaks? ”
  • Be constructive. Discuss, don’t argue.* If you think a change may cause issues, say why and give examples. Try not to argue with others – make your point and then accept that other people may have different points of view.
  • Give examples: I had 2000 toughness but still got hit by X target for roughly Y damage.
  • Be concise. Our time is limited and we can’t read walls of text because it will prevent us from having the time to read as many posts as possible. Bullet points or numbered lists are very easy for us to read!
  • Be specific. “I expect this change to accomplish A, but I think it will actually accomplish B”. The more specific you are, the better we are able to understand where you’re coming from, what type of content you play, and it helps us to understand the context for your feedback.
  • Be objective. Keep in mind that just because you may not like something, that doesn’t make it bad. Others may have differing opinions. They may play a different type of content, or they may play a different profession, so be objective and keep in mind – we have to balance the game for EVERYONE, not just you.
  • Be respectful. This goes for your fellow community members as well as for devs. Respect the ideas and opinions of others.
  • Be mindful of scope. It takes design, development and testing time in order to make a new feature or revise an old one. Keep scope/work/time/resources in mind when you make your suggestions.
  • Be mindful of context. Power creep is something we’re trying to avoid. Sometimes a profession may not receive as many increases as other classes. A lot of times, this is because that class is already performing very well in the current state of the game. So keep the overall context/state of the game in mind when giving feedback.

We want to hear for your feedback for balance in all areas of the game, and this sub-forum will help the balance team to gather your feedback so that we can collaborate more closely with the community when evaluating balance changes!

Thanks for posting your ideas!!

-Balance team

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-Arthur Schopenhauer

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