[Pvp,WvW] [Guardian] anti-kiting mechanic

[Pvp,WvW] [Guardian] anti-kiting mechanic

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Posted by: creepmatic.9435


Hello all

We all know that guardians, no mater the build are sitting ducks for classes that can kite, and you kiters know what I mean. Also the lack of tools like soft CC to keep our targets in melee range renders the use of skills like http://wiki.guildwars2.com/wiki/Litany_of_Wrath useless, in a meditation build, which is ironic.
I’ve tough of 2 ways for countering kiters, and make opponets get away a litle bit harder from a guardian’s melee range.

+E.E.D. (Enemy Endurance Decay)

1. Chill

We alrady have a chill (Glacial Heart), but only works with hammer, and has an ICD of 15s and u have too trade monks focus for it, loosing fury as a meditation guard.


-Casting Litany of Wrath also chills players wich have the swiftness boon for 6s in an AoE of 900 radius.
So it will only affect people with swiftness on.
-Zeal GM trait: Each atack on chilled target, also provide burning.

2. E.E.D. Enemy Endurance Decay

What it says, basically punish enemies that stay too much in melee range with guardian. Similar to warriors getting more dangerous when they adrenal bar fills.


- Radiance Adept trait – Burning Decays 8%/second of enemys Endurance bar.

*I don’t know how will this affect PvE as i don;t know if mobs acctually have endurance bars.

This will provide some synergi between chill and burn, proc E.D.D and help guardians stay on targets.
I know this is far from balanced, but it;s a concept and i really think it can be worked in esealy either on a wepon or some traits.

What are your toughts? Is it a good idea? Will it make guardian Overpowered? I havent tought of sigils and runes yet so i don’t know.