Feedback Bazaar of the Four Winds

Feedback Bazaar of the Four Winds

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Feedback Bazaar of the Four Winds
This post represents my personal opinion after some discussing the topic with my friends.

Labyrinth Cliffs
Great design, love the karma merchants, and the whole jumping/speeding around. Personally I didn’t took part in the spawning event, because I only wanted to find all Crystals, but they were not annoying or anything, so I think that’s ok too.

Lessons from the Sky
I had fun searching all the Crystals. At the beginning, I unfortunately didn’t knew that you don’t had to find all of them, so I often died trying to get one crystal on the north-west wall in the air (where
you had to jump multiple times over with 3).

Lightning Pull problems
The jump Number 3 “Lightning Pull” didn’t worked properly every time. F.e. on some locations you were able to use the jump (it was in range), but you fall down, before you were able to reach your target location. But when you tried to jump a bit to the right, a location even further away from your takeoff-place, you were able to reach it without any problem.

Another problem occurred while using the special marked small ‘Lightning Pull’-placed, where it sometime let you jump back to the location where you were coming from, instead to the next one.

Finding the hidden kites
I really love this sort! Would there be a reason to go back to a JP or other hidden area with that sort of a thing? I don’t think so. Great job here!

Belcher Buff
Overall a nice minigame, but due to the 100 Gold cost I think this unfortunately a game I’ll probably never play again.
And yes, I was able to defeat ‘Adnul Irongut’, but it was a pain. I felt, that my victory was more due to luck, than anything else.

Sanctum Sprint
I had a lot of fun with this minigame. Great job here too! But I’d have preferred if I’d have known the skills, the usage of the endurance bar and the benefits of the crystals prior the match, and if there would not have been the need to take a look on the wiki page for this kind of information.

I liked this event very much. There was not any annoying thing to do, just a lot of fun.

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