Torn between the two vote options.

Torn between the two vote options.

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Posted by: Harper.4173


So I’ve been going over this in my head for a while now.

As a GW1 player and GW lore lover I don’t think there’s much contest between the fall of Abaddon and the reactor thing.
This is one of the reasons I’m pretty unhappy with the vote options – they’re not at all balanced and it will most certainly end up with Evon winning.

The problem and reason I’m somewhat unsure of what to do is that as a GW1 player I’m not very fond of the char. I’m an Ascalonian at heart and I doubt anything will ever change that.Yes- I do not like the Char. So I’m now torn between voting for the CONTENT I want but supporting a CANDIDATE I wouldn’t like to see win and voting for the CANDIDATE that I’d love to see win and the CONTENT that I’m not too interested in.

I think that Anet should have switched between the two options. Investigating Abaddon’s fall would make a LOT more sense if it was Kiel that was leading the efforts. She is a human after all – what better reason than that? I don’t see how Evon’s interest in a fallen human god fits with the story at all.
If anything Kiel should be the one looking into humanity’s past while Evon is the one that’s more focused on the immediate – more general event that was the reactor’s malfunction.

Anyone else feeling the same?
Would love to hear what the rest of you guys have to say!

If here they fall they shall live on when ever you cry “For Ascalon!”