Why I feel Tequatl needs to be easier.

Why I feel Tequatl needs to be easier.

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Posted by: Stark.1350


And I’m going to start this off by saying I don’t want free loot either.

I love a good challenge. There’s nothing that gives me more of an outstanding feel than having completed one.

But in the open world, we have two different extremes of difficulty.

We have world bosses like Shadow Behemoth and Maw that are mind numbingly easy (still). And then we have Tequatl, which is painfully difficult.

If a world boss is going to be in the open world, it needs to be difficult, but not in the sense that it requires everyone to be on voice chat, in the right locations, parked in Sparkfly for a long time before spawn, all perfectly coordinated and everyone knowing what to do, because if these things don’t happen, it’s likely going to fail. There’s a reason why TTS was formed – their single goal to kill Tequatl, which they do regularly, but that coordination and goal remains the same for all of them – it’s very difficult to get that in a regular server attack.

If people want Tequatl that hard, put him inside of an instance. If he remains in the open world, I feel he needs to be toned down – I don’t think his mechanics in general need to change, but it should be beatable more than once in a blue moon. If he is toned down, drop his loot rarity back to the old days. Make him spawn less.

I think some of the world bosses that exist now have decent difficulties. I think Grenth is a good example of this – a world boss that can destroy zergs, but isn’t impossible to kill either. I like how the new Golem works. And the new fire elemental. I still think some world bosses need to brought up in difficulty – Shadow Behemoth, Shatterer, Jungle Wurm and Maw.

Open world bosses should be beatable by a zerg, but they should have zerg busting mechanics. These mechanics should be recoverable, but still make the fight incredibly difficult. If you want fights that require as much coordination as Tequatl currently does, it’s time to introduce raids. Anyway, just my two cents.

Why I feel Tequatl needs to be easier.

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Posted by: Zalman.8719


I agree with you at some points. I don’t like parking in to Sparkfly an hour before the event but that’s the players fault. I enjoy Teq, but it’s really hard for some servers. I’m on WSR but I always guest to Deso for him and world bosses in general because there’s more ppl doing them. I think it’s good, but it depends on the players. I like it because it requires some coordination and most of the ppl write down what to do and when so I’m not complaining, just listen to the commanders and experienced peeps around. Though one mess up and you’re probably fail because of the timer which I find a bad mechanic at Teq. I can understand at some bosses like Maw because the ritual would take time to complete but at a dragon I don’t see why can’t we have a little more time to finish, but this adds to the challenge and “forces”(not really the appropiate word) to coordinate with the others.

On other bosses, yeah, some needs more interesting mechanics.

Why I feel Tequatl needs to be easier.

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Posted by: Azure.8670


Teq is fine just the way he is, they just need to boost the rewards A LOT. There should be a guaranteed exotic, or atleast 4-8 rares.

Also they need a higher level champ bag for world bosses, you can go to FGS and get the same champ bag in 30 seconds