back (maybe...) after a long break.

back (maybe...) after a long break.

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Posted by: Methal.9045


Must say I’m disappointed. There have been a few changes since last year when I got bored and moved on to other games.

I play on Anvil Rock. It used to be a large server, with people everywhere.
If there was an event going on people came, or were there.

World dragon events always had people come to do.

Not anymore. I was the only person At tequatl today. Come to find out that even though this game is hemorrhaging players (or did already.) They decided to make this event nigh undoable.

Even simple fun things like Grenth are now undoable.

AND as a consequence players such as myself that can’t devote entire days to this kind of thing, can not get something as simple as world completion now. There are places, that unless you do the champ or legendary boss wandering around them, that you can’t get.
Grenth is one such event. There is a skill shrine behind him that you will never get.

The only thing going on on my server now, is this stupid loop 20 or so people are running day and night in Queensdale.
As for me there is only so many times I can run from boar to troll, to bandit, to oak, to spider and back to boar. This is the ONLY thing going on.
And for what? more luck to get more magic find so you can get items that are not any better than what you already have?
why bother? get a legendary? do all that work for what? a skin. Thats it. Oh and a little icon next to your name so everyone will know how stupid you are.

Dunno what I was expecting when I came back to play some. But in the last 3 days, I see nothing that will keep me playing for more than a month a year.
PvP/WvW is garbage unless you wanna run some cookie cutter build.

just frustrating to want to do things, and not being able to because the game is dead, and then even MORE infuriating to find out they are making things harder and require more people when THEY DONT HAVE THAT MANY PEOPLE PLAYING EVER!