overtuned events

overtuned events

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Posted by: macabakur.4521


In areas that aren’t level 80, it can be extremely challenging to get down story events. In the straits of devestation, almost every event besides one or two, is totally unsoloable. This was ok when people actually were leveling up for the first time and came to these zones to do stuff. But now, a year and a half or something later everyone is 80 and seeing people in below 80 zones is a rarity. It happens, but it’s a rarity. Case in point, I’ve yet to see someone besides myself in this zone. So everything you do, unless you have a boat load of friends who want to help you down every event, is try and fail, at least for me that is. How you kill 2 waves of like ten mobs while keeping a robot alive or downing 4 boats and half of an undead battleship while dodging like 40 encroaching mobs solo is beyond me.

Event content that isn’t group specific really should have scaling difficulty. Why it doesn’t currently is beyond me.

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