Pavillion should be Dungeon Content.

Pavillion should be Dungeon Content.

in Festival of the Four Winds

Posted by: shadowraiden.8394


The Biggest problem with Pavillion in its current state is the fact it goes against the whole principle of if your exploring and see somebody fighting you can go help out.
this content forces you to scream at other people to try and get them to move to other bosses(or forcing you to move yourself) essentially part of the reason you would play an mmo.

this is even before you factor in things like Megaserver essentially making it impossible for groups to get into the same instance and the language filter that essentially means their is a good chance in EU servers that most people wont even see your message.

PvE players werent asking for non zerg open world content as lets face it just doesnt work for general players and megaserver has broken most forms of communities that did things like teqautl or worm.
this content is perfect for a guild type dungeon so why do you constantly try and make it open world instead of fixing dungeons so that their challenging.

now i wasnt expecting last years rewards heck the farming was outright crazy but factor in everything and the rewards this year make it simply not worth it when compared to every other form of champ bag acquiring(again why make champ bags the reward clearly youve lost all sense of ability to create anything that isnt a grind)

please next time you have any idea’s like this actually have somebody say “is this a actual good idea for open world content” and you will find yourself quickly saying not it isnt at all.