FOEFIRE Casual PvX Guild! We didn't start the fire!*blackgate*

FOEFIRE Casual PvX Guild! We didn't start the fire!*blackgate*

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Posted by: DonQuack.9025


!Our logo would be here if it were allowed!

F O E F I R E!

Gameplay Type

PvX… we want to do it all! To do that, we’re going to need help with support for PvE, SPvP, and WvW. We don’t do RP formally, but light RP is most definitely acceptable, and we may increase the amount of RP if there is demand.


We are on BLACKGATE! Don’t hate! US/ International.
Do I have to be on your server to join the Foefire? No! Guild Wars 2 allows players to join and participate with guilds that are not on the same server. It’s great if you can be on the server, but server populations/demand may not allow that.

Our Structure

Foefire is led by a Game Leader, his Executive Officer, and his senior staff. Interested in a position? Contact information is located at bottom of post.

Our Leadership

Our senior officers herald from leadership in other GameGrinders games. That experience coupled with their enthusiasm for the success a Guild Wars 2 guild, makes them a solid choice for leadership.

Our Members

Our members vary between new recruits to seasoned veterans, from numerous other GameGrinders games. For information on joining, check out the bottom of this thread.

Contact Information

Website: Foefire @
Game Leader: IGN = Hick
Executive Officer: IGN = Blazin Blue Flames

Our Parent Organization

GameGrinders is a multi-gaming organization, that is now opening a Guild Wars 2 division and we want you to join us!

We are friendly with anyone ages 18+, with laid-back, casual attitudes, who like to hang-out and kill stuff. We also don’t sweat about real life aggro, of all varieties. We all have to deal with some, in one form or another. Well, most of us do… some of our members get to sit on their a$%@ all day and play video games, while others have jobs and kids who have to be a part of every extra-curricular activity known to man. But I’m not jealous. Where was I? Oh, yeah…

Simply put, we just want to game with like minded people, who have their priorities straight and just like playing the hell out of games whenever they can.

We didn’t start the fire, it was always burning since the world been turning. We didn’t start the fire! No! We didnt light it but we tried to fight it!

Concerns about HoT pre-order? Check here!