Greetings from Occasionally Excellent

Greetings from Occasionally Excellent

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Posted by: Siltoneus.7138


Greetings from Occasionally Excellent, home to those of us that show excellence on occasion. Based on the Tarnished Coast server, we are an expanding set of friends, many which met and played together in DDO. We have no desire to be a large guild, but that said, we are always looking for people who think they can reach the high bar of showing excellence, on occasion.
Our Guild has a variety of play styles, but what binds us together is our enjoyment of a drama free group of people that enjoy having fun in the game. We have just a few basic guidelines (posted below), and if you feel you can be Occasionally Excellent like us, feel free to drop me a message here or over on our website (quicker response time) if you have any questions.

  1. This guild exists so people can play GW2 together, having fun and a good time while doing so.
  2. We are mature players and both expect and assume mature behavior from everyone. We are not interested, or inclined, to police you. The majority of people in the group are over the age of 25, with some of us in our 40’s and 50’s). ‘R’ language is sometimes used, but offensive or demeaning language will NOT be tolerated. Lastly, childish behavior is not tolerated and as we all know from Real Life, this is NOT limited to children. That said, we ask that anyone between the ages of 18 to 24 feel free to inquire, but that you might need a strong reference.
  3. No one has the right to demand or beg you for your loot, and you do not have the right to demand or beg for someone else, regardless of position in the guild. There is a “resources” area on the web site, where you can put up request and needs. If you want a specific item, it is encouraged that you make a forum posting to ask someone to craft it, or to schedule a party to gain it.
  4. Our typical play times are evenings EST and CST, but have plenty of PST’er as well. Of course, you are welcome to play anytime, but please be aware most of our activity will probably occur then.
  5. This is a very social guild. We greatly enjoy getting together and have fun BS’ing about all kinds of things, both related and not related to the game. As a result, Mic/voice-chat is strongly encouraged, and we have a well-used Mumble server. Note: we understand that some individuals have hearing issues, which may present a problem. Simply let us know, and we can accommodate our behavior.
  6. We do not demand Guild or Server exclusivity. You may have as many alts in or out of the guild as you wish (or don’t wish), with the understanding that the majority of activities will occur on the Tarnished Coast server.
  7. We welcome everyone, regardless of your skill level or game familiarity.