HARD [CORE] (Gunnar's Hold-EU)

HARD [CORE] (Gunnar's Hold-EU)

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HARD [CORE] is guild located on Gunnar’s Hold. We have about 120 members, and about 20-30 that are active. We play all aspects of the game PvE, PvP, and WvWvW as well. Our mission is to bring people together, relax, meet new friends and of course to have fun. CORE guild isn’t rank based, every member is equal. Every individual brings something unique to our small community and we welcome anyone who has fresh and new idea or just have that need to experience social aspect of MMORPGs.

HARD [CORE] guild is fully upgraded we have all guild missions unlocked and flexible schedule of guild events, like WvW runs, pvp nights, etc..

Requirement to apply to CORE guild is that you are from Balkan, specifically from Srbija, Hrvatska, BiH, or you understand our language . We only accept mature (18+) and nice people that are respectfull of each other.

So if you want to join us, visit our website: http://www.guildwars.rs/forum/
or contact one of three people in-game: Istok, Gwyn Blaidd, Tsubaki White.

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