KoS - PvX - EU- Gunnar's Hold - Recruiting

KoS - PvX - EU- Gunnar's Hold - Recruiting

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We are a well established Guild with Members from many of MMORPG’s scattered across the world. We play on the EU server Gunnar’s Hold and have a growing number of GW2 Members ready to join the fray from previous KoS game endeavors, we are also recruiting new Members to join our already swelling ranks.

Our main consensus I hear you ask? Well that is to build our member base, ready for action, enjoying the relaxing death and sheer randomness of PvE, PvP, WvW and various other acts of insanity!

Fun is the operative word for KoS! Our timezones vary but are generally in the GMT/GMT+1 area (UK + local Europe).

Visit our Website to find out more or apply

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