Looking for active Guild - Ruins of Surmia

Looking for active Guild - Ruins of Surmia

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Posted by: gammarik.9426


Hi all!

I am on the hunt for a new guild with active members! I like to do dungeons, PvE and WvW and i am looking to start doing Fractals too. I am an active player myself, and plays every day. Every guild i’ve been in before has had 3-5 members onling max, and none of them were representing. I play on Ruins of Surmia EU server. My main is a Lvl 80 Theif.

Have a nice day!


Milasta Gandil – Human Thief – 80
Agzea – Sylvari Engineer – 80
We, Team Reem [REEM] on Ruins of Surmia, want you! /w me in-game!

Looking for active Guild - Ruins of Surmia

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Posted by: Madara.3126


hi there!i’m a co-founder of Envoy of the End (EotE), guild on RoS..we have 17 member now and we’re allready play a lot of wvw, dung and pvp..if u want to come with us and have fun np to us..we search 4 people who want to have fun, no need in big number 4 it../w me in game
Hisoka Namikaze

Envoy of the End [EotE]
Human Mesmer

Looking for active Guild - Ruins of Surmia

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Posted by: Lunasun.2491


Hello gammarik,

I have read your post and wanted to reply and offer you a spot in our small cozy laid back guild, if you dont mind to change servers. You can try out the guild by guesting, which is free, before deciding on changing your home server.

We have members from Europe, the US, and other parts of the world.

We have 150 members atm, and we are steadily growing, but we
still maintain to keep the family feeling.

We have a mature member base, I would not mind taking a few
younger members, as long as it wont be the majority of our roster.

Although we are not huge, we have a very active group of people
now, we play every day and mostly play together in party.

We have weekly organized WvW/PvP, Dungeon & FotM runs, and even Music Night, and our members do all those activities together with other guild members every day as well.

We use RaidCall to talk, and a lot of us are on there on a daily basis as well.

Please take a look at our forums: http://werinstyle.shivtr.com/

Guild name: We R In Style
Server: EU Underworld

I would say, give it a try, and who knows, you might like our little crazy bunch!

in game character: Xena Love/Lady Luna Love/Luna Lovess, whisper me any time.

Guild Leader of: We R In Style – Server: Underworld
http://werinstyle.shivtr.com/ https://www.facebook.com/WeRInStyle

Looking for active Guild - Ruins of Surmia

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Posted by: TheWarboss.5982


Hey gammark. If you want you can join Holy Royal Arch. We have about 50 players who all come online from time to time, a website and around 5-10 people online all the time. Were not a big guild, but we have a good history, everybody is close together and you can fit in easily. We mostly do dungeons and are aiming for more people to do guild events.

We all play on Ruins of Surmia
whisper me: Mechrite Snow or write a mail to TheWarboss.5982.
Anybody else reading feel free to do the same. We welcome all backgrounds but you must be able to speak English.