[Tarnished Coast] - Traitors of Tyria [xTyr]

[Tarnished Coast] - Traitors of Tyria [xTyr]

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Posted by: Sunny.6354


[xTyr] is recruiting!
We’re currently a small guild but growing quite fast~

We do WvW|PvX|FotM|Dungeons|Guild Bounty and have a Mumble channel to chat on. All playstyle welcomed! We’re oceanic based but all timezones are welcomed.

  • Here’s what we’re looking for*:
  • Active Players
  • WvW, PvE, PvPers
  • Fun, humour, friendliness
  • Mumble user

A lot of our members are based in Singapore and Malaysia but there are quite a few from all over the world too, such as, New Zealand, Australia, and even America. Our leader is currently a known commander in WvW; both borderlands and EB – he runs WvW training every 2-3 days or so.

We also have a few Dungeon Masters who a very keen on running dungeons and explaining them to newer runners as well as helping them gear up for level 80. xTyr also have members who are very comfortable in fractals 50+.

All our members are extremely friendly and will answer questions and help newer members of the game. There is always something interesting happening in chat ^^

If you’re interested, message Jebbasis in game!