[WM]War Machine - recruiting on BG!!!

[WM]War Machine - recruiting on BG!!!

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War Machine W [WM] is recruiting! We are a WvW guild who focus on
developing strong team synergy and improving both our individual and
team-play in WvW. We are looking for players of any description,
whether you are completely new to WvW or an experienced player you are
welcome to join us. We are currently medium sized and while we are
recruiting across all time zones, our main commanders play during
Oceanic and Early European hours. New members are required to
represent only [WM], use TS3 any time they are playing GW2, and have a
functional microphone.
New members should also be able to accept critique of their play, gear
and build as we run a specific set of team focused builds and assigned
roles per member. We have certain classes that we need more of, if you
do not play that particular class you may be asked to level an alt! We
WvW daily, and when we are playing you should follow our commanders
closely in battle, both their instructions and movements. We fight
together, we learn together, and we have fun together. If this sounds
like something you’re interested in, you would probably enjoy War

If you are interested in knowing more please contact any WM member,
particularly Jaix in game they’ll have a chat with you and discuss the
guild and our goals.

Website: http://warmachineintl.enjin.com