Halloween appreciation thread [Merged]

Halloween appreciation thread [Merged]

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Posted by: SpoonMore.4107


ArenaNet thank you the best halloween update I’ve been to. I feel bad because so many people complained about everything. You did a good job. I felt like the clock tower was a perfect challenge. I thought the timings on everything were perfect. I don’t know why everyone is complaing , but you did amazing and I’m ready for November with you guys!

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Halloween appreciation thread [Merged]

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Posted by: rainletter.3659


I know the event hasn’t yet been patched out of the game, but I just wanted to say thank you to everyone at Arenanet for planning such a fun event with something for everyone to do. I never did get through the clock tower puzzle and probably won’t ever, but I still had a lot of fun with the rest of the Halloween activities!

And thank you to the community for always sharing new discoveries, posting pumpkin route guides, shouting out champion doors in the labyrinth, and just being fun to hang out with in Lion’s Arch. It was really fun! ^^

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Halloween appreciation thread [Merged]

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Posted by: Wingchild.9830


I refused to leave the Mad King’s Labyrinth until the reboot was forced on me. =)

My happy Charr Ranger pushed from lv41 to lv79 (85%) in the course of this event. I don’t regret a moment of it – not even falling off the clocktower. Repeatedly. Endlessly, in fact.

It’s all good.

Thanks for the awesome Halloween event.

Halloween appreciation thread [Merged]

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Posted by: Kodama.9417


Haha yeah I was up in there as well. We just did a mad rush and took out what we could.

Halloween appreciation thread [Merged]

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Posted by: roperratt.6917


I have to agree with this. I cannot believe that all this free new content was available. (I know, a lot of people spent a lot of money on keys, but that was by choice) I spent so many fun hours in the labyrinth, I played a weird style PVP game that I still don’t understand. I got to kill the mad king a bunch of times, and my warrior main went from level 68 to 78 killing candy corn monsters for hours at a time. I lacked the skills to complete the clock tower, but I still tried several dozen times. If this is going to be the standard for future events, the bar has been set really high. Anet has done an outstanding job and I thank every one involved.

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Halloween appreciation thread [Merged]

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Posted by: Elunarie.9283


I want to thank you for an awesome time as well. The King was a blast as always, and he’s looking pretty fit after 200 years. I thought most of the activities were fun, but I have to say my favorite was the costume brawl. Well, and fighting the Mad King. His jokes were great. (actually they were groan-inducingly bad, but that’s the mad King for you – um, don’t let him know I said that).

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Halloween appreciation thread [Merged]

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Posted by: Landscaper.1365


Just wanted to add my:



Landscaper, Cuz I mow ’em down!

Halloween appreciation thread [Merged]

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Posted by: Chickenshoes.6250


I want to emphasize THANK YOU for clocktower. It was extremely challenging, awesome looking, and totally friggin epic. I heard a stupid rumor that the clocktower won’t be around next year. SCREW that, keep it, even if it’s in some archived “funland” version of the Mad King’s realm.

Maybe even make a second version with different props going counter-clockwise next time. You could recycle the skybox and textures and all that, so it’s still a win that’s a bit easier to create.

I beat the tower over 100 times to farm the ToT bags, and also because it was so much kitten fun

Halloween appreciation thread [Merged]

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Posted by: Gotchaz.7865


I had a lot of fun, the clock tower was hard but I beat it. The mini games were fun so was the instance, my only gripe would be it seems everyone I grouped with got a lot of exotics I got one the whole time but what can you do it’s random percentages. I’m looking forward to the next event. Keep up the good work!

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Halloween appreciation thread [Merged]

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Posted by: Karma.5987


The Halloween Event had some of the best game moments yet for me. And some of the worst. But I think there were some things included that should give the dev team good data for future events.

I for one will miss the event! It was an ambitious, epic holiday event for our first big one in the game. Here is my overview:

1. loved the build-up, the narrative story-ness such as: the lion statue gradually changing, hearing the ghosts’ stories, the HUMOR of the writing

2. the graphics and voice over for the king were excellent

3. the creatures we turned into because of tonics = win (that they could dance and jump even better)

4. having it unfold in acts was great, if a bit confusing for those who did not read the forums, etc.

5. THE BEST surprise for me was how much I like the mini-Mad King dungeon. Just the right length, just hard enough, a bit of jumping, and when the first dye dropped in there for me? I made enough noise of joy to scare my cat. Now we need that chance for dyes, dye packs, minis, town clothes to drop from instance chests, from world boss chests, from random hidden chests, etc.

6. We will play and pay for good carrots and having them drop sometimes out in the world? Lovely. Upped my fun quotient.

7. clocktower: out of this world design and well done, but maybe tuned just a bit too hard for a holiday jumping puzzle? Hard core is great for good platformers, etc. but left many out. Maybe two modes with similar but different loot?

8. THE STORE: witch’s outfit such good design and good value. I will pay gems for these kind of outfits, but not often and not unless they are great because as an alt-oholic I want to be able to use them on all characters without taking them off one and taking up bank inventory to switch. And then whoever is in costume has to have their other town clothes in the bank, and those are a set per character. A good costume tab would be amazing.

9. THE STORE: I spent too much money on keys making wrong assumptions and know it was my own fault. I think this system is flawed, or the way it was announced implied a greater chance that was true. It was misleading. I know now it is gambling and won’t be buying any more keys ever for any reason.

10. LOVED the Labryinth in all its glory.

11. PVP events, needed better “something” to pump them up a bit, but well designed and fun.

Thanks, Anet and dev team for attempting this epic story and game design for us. Now remember, a chance to get cool cosmetic things in chests ups the fun factor for many of us. Knowing that you can get these in the world on a rare occasion? Priceless!

Halloween appreciation thread [Merged]

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Posted by: Sysak.1637


Agree, every single part of the event was great, even small one like piwate or ghost quaggan, i enjoyed everything so much that i was doing only halloween activities during event time. I’ve played many mmorpgs but never seen event that can be compared to this one so big THANKS and good job.

Halloween appreciation thread [Merged]

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Posted by: mbridg.4069


I support this thread and agree.

Halloween appreciation thread [Merged]

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Posted by: Adornay.6591


The Clock Tower was the Marmite of Halloween this year, people either loved it or hated it.
I loved it.
It was a delight to boot Mad King Thorn’s head in over and over again, I thoroughly enjoyed it.
I tried taking Pet Ado Il on one of the runs as part of his rehab treatment which was a bone chilling experience.
Pet Ado Il is one of the oldest liches in the world, he saw the opportunity to attack Mad King Thorn, cackled manically and went on the rampage, with each attack he was screaming “Pet Ado says DIE!” (laugh). After the Mad King was dead he retreated into a dark corner and ranted to himself about all the years of Mad Kings daft jokes and torturous games.

The costume brawls were annoying, not my cup of tea, the costumes themselves were nice though.
The Labyrinth was a nice grindmine, the mining/carving runs were very challenging and enjoyable.
I tried a little of the pvp section but couldn’t get into it.
All in all a fantastic 1st Halloween.