Human Noble Story Contradictions

Human Noble Story Contradictions

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Posted by: Spudfuzz.6185


Don’t know if I’m late to the punch here but my boyfriend and I were going through his guardian’s story (noble path) and we were kinda taken aback about how apparently incompetent both his character and Logan Thackery/ the Seraph are.

I don’t have screenshots to show and I’ll have to paraphrase a bit here, but here we go. His character goes to the bandit caverns with Lord Faren to save the kidnapped civillians. Upon reaching the farm house exit, the Seraph and Lord Faren are present. Faren mentions a merchant by the name of Cin Furasai who can identify a piece of paper/ customer of the paper that was found in the caverns (I think, wasn’t entirely paying attention here).

So his chaacter then offers to go Cin Furasai herself so that “no one has to know the Seraph are involved”. Ignoring the fact that the Seraph could easily send in an undercover agent instead of a random civllian (although in this world all these orders and militaries seemingly like to behave like children, pretending that information gathering is immoral or something), when your character meets Cin Furasai they say:

“Please. It’s important. The Seraph are investigating this matter.” I find it weird that the story just seems to make all these NPCs out to be complete morons in order to bolster your own character’s importance, only to have them make outrageous mistakes anyway.

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