Gauntlet 25% chance to glitch for me

Gauntlet 25% chance to glitch for me

in Queen's Jubilee

Posted by: Jade Storm.8071

Jade Storm.8071

I have tried the Gauntlet several times in the last couple days in an attempt to get the mini pet at the end. However I have run into about a 1 in 4 chance of getting in a glitched match. I either end up in the dome before the previous match has ended, or I have showed up just as they were leaving only to fall through the trap door floors before the match even started. It has happened on more than one character and I can’t think that I am doing anything wrong, I simply talk to the ringmaster to join the cue and have about a 25% chance of immediately loosing my entry ticket and repair bill due to a glitched premature entry into the previous player’s “solo” fight.

Frustration + frequent ticket farming to keep entering + 75% chance to even try = giving up hope of grabbing what I believe is one of the coolest mini-pets in the game (which of course has to be account bound and unable to buy off the TP)

I don’t normal make complaint posts, but I hope the Devs get enough complaints on this issue that they continue the event after fixing it. (perhaps even make the mini sellable on the market, so winners could make some gold and those of us less fortunate could add to our pet collection.)