Ancient Karka ate my loot?

Ancient Karka ate my loot?

in The Lost Shores

Posted by: Mamric.8143


Hey forums!

This is about the controversial “Ancient Karka chest”.
So I know everyone’s hot topic this week is “OH MY GOD THE CHEST WAS LIKE OH MY GOD!” Well I didn’t get it. After being on one server until we planted the first set of mines, being D/Ced and then having to do it over again on a fresh server ALL THE WAY up to AFTER we drop the tree on the AK and that one after it I had lagged out so bad I just couldn’t get back in the game, my internet was unavailable.
After spending about two and a half hours of nothing very fun I think I deserve a chest of equal proportion to the people that simply logged on for the last five minutes to get it. It’s honestly not the biggest deal in the world to me but I would really appreciate it if you could help me.
If you want you can ask:

Spruce Willis
or Ned Starch

They could probably (Mostly Zerax) verify that Beauticus was there for a long time, never surrendering towards the ancient evil.

P.S. Sorry Zerax, I love you, but Spruce won the name game.

P.P.S. I had originally posted this a few days ago and it was taken down under the assumption that I had been demanding with the post. In truth my comments are (trying to be) very light on the subject as well as pointing out that I don’t like it when someone who “stumbles” upon the end boss battle five minutes before death gets a HUGE reward while I’m stuck being Disconnected. This is NOT a rant and I’m NOT demanding any loot or compensation, I’m just saying it’d be sweet if I got some. <3

P.P.P.S. For whatever reason I’m not allowed to post in the “Lost Shores” forum section so I’m labeling this as an Account Issue.