Consortium Chests & Minipets

Consortium Chests & Minipets

in The Lost Shores

Posted by: Kana.6793


I enjoyed the event, I really love the fractal dungeon, I didn’t get a precursor but I’m happy with my 20 slot bag, I don’t have particularly strong feelings either way about ascended gear and I like the new island.

However – I do want to leave some feedback about the consortium chests. I have bought bank space, 2 character slots, 1 pack of normal minipets, both Halloween costumes and all the Halloween minipets.

I don’t mind buying a small thing every content patch – I view it as contributing towards funding the next content patch. Sort of a voluntary subscription. I had intended to buy the Lost Shores minipets… until I saw they were only available in consortium chests.

I have bought some of the skins with gold from the trading post, and I’m glad that the chest contents are not soulbound.

I would however like to make very clear to the person in charge of the gem store that I have not bought a single black lion chest or black lion chest key. I have not bought a single consortium chest.

I like the game and I am willing to spend some real money when I’m happy with content patches, but only in exchange for fixed goods.

I will never pay real money for an RNG chest. Not even a single penny.