Missed the boat and everything?

Missed the boat and everything?

in The Lost Shores

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Maybe I just didn’t understand this event; a lot of people seemed to have fun. But for me, I didn’t find anything here earth shaking. It didn’t help that my hard drive utterly died on Nov 15th and I had to replace everything over the weekend and wasn’t running real well until the 18th. (I know, sob story, certainly not Anet’s fault) maybe this accounts for me not getting the jist of the event.

My overall take, I went to the new zone and ran all over it looking for something to do. Maybe I missed the whole event or something, but all I saw were people grinding on the karkas which , to me, looked insanely boring. I just don’t get it. There was no sense of urgency in the NPC’s. Most sat around in bathing suits like they were in some vacation zone. Occasionally, I would run into a Lionguard standing on the roadway doing nothing.
Many of the mobs I tried to kill were severely bugged and would reset constantly or wouldn’t react to being attacked at all and were immune. On top of all this, the karkas all look alike! Really? A whole zone full of things that all look alike?

To find a positive, the little baby karkas attaching themselves to your face is really cool and the attack of the big ones pulling in their legs and rolling at you is also pretty sweet, mechanically speaking.

Was there some big battle to see? I guess I was expecting something more like the final showdown in the personal story line when we fight off the lieutenant of Zhaitan or something. I ran around the whole zone and tried one of the jumping puzzles, but I don’t like those to begin with.

As if all that wasn’t enough, I find “Passion Fruit” readily available to be harvested, but it doesn’t auto store to the bank which makes it take up bag space. And karka shells can be found on the mobs, but likewise don’t deposit to the bank taking up even more precious bag space.

Then, the crowning moment. I try the FotM dungeon and the server crashes three bosses in and it’s too late to continue and try the whole thing again, so as far as I know I’m still stuck at level 1. Also, I find that if you get blown off the ramp while busting the colossus free you fall to your death and can’t be revived. That really, really sucks. Total waste of time, totally untested content being released.

On the positive side, the loot in the dungeon chests is nice and the artwork in the dungeon is no less than I would expect from this game. It is always visually stunning.

Missed the boat and everything?

in The Lost Shores

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Yeah this is pretty much my consensus.

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