Bounties impossible for smaller Guilds

Bounties impossible for smaller Guilds

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I am a leader of a 70 member Guild. We manage to get about 12 to 15 players on at any one time. There is NO way that we can not only find but kill TWO Bounty’s in 15 mins! Our guild is based on a bonded community-NOT a huge roster full of bodies that amount to nothing more than a number. I feel our guild embodies the true spirit of GW2 and as such we are in effect punished by not being able to do the FUN stuff like Guild treks as we cannot possibly earn merits through Bounties. Not only that but having to re party on the Bounty map to taxi each other in due to the meta server wastes precious minutes we already don’t have. The Bounties should be scaled to roster size. We shouldn’t HAVE to ally with another guild, making our roster bloated with non repping ally’s. Very disappointed in having to miss out on Guild bonding experiences :O(

Bounties impossible for smaller Guilds

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If that’s your experience you are doing something very wrong, I’ve tried completing bounties with less than 10 people online. If you can’t do it with that many people, you have to work on your coordination.

First of all, learn the routes of the different boss (or keep the window open when you are looking for the bounties). It’s very easy to waste alot of time, if half the guild is looking in areas where the boss don’t even spawn. If everyone is following th route, it should not take more than a few min to find each bounty (except maybe prisonor)

Try do the bounties at primetime insteadt, like at sunday 8 pm. There will be a lot more people online, and you will often be able to kill the bounties with other guilds, since they are killing the same bounties as you.

Having to taxi people into the server is not a problem anymore, since you are doing guild mission each map with always reserver a number of slots on each map. So unless you are +200 people, you will always end up in the same map now (haven’t had this problem since FP2).

Make sure not to waste time coordinating groups after the bounty started, make sure everyone is ready when you start.
Either split the guild up, so each group take one bounty. When the first group is done, the rest go help. Or all go after the same, when the first bounty is kill, all should go after the next one.

Bounties impossible for smaller Guilds

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Yup a guide is invaluable. Make sure to go the opposite way of the path they walk.
After finding them waiting to start the fight near a waypoint is good. Ten people scattering in a zone to find then kill a bounty will get it done no problem, five is reasonable for many targets if you want to split up.
One downside of doing it while others are there as well is if they kill it before your guild is ready. Also sometimes they don’t announce finding it in map chat, kill it, and who knows where it will respawn.

If your guild doesn’t care about the influence and merits use a tier 3 bounty and find the simplest one to take out. Yeah the megaservers havn’t been as bad as they were in the past unless you happen to be on a world boss map. Having team leaders able to split and ferry their team in works great.

Been recording the missions I participate in and uploading for a while now, the latest one is with a group of about 8 or 9 people. We generally do fine on the bounty, can have problems during the puzzle (mainly langmar but getting it down), challenge is the most difficult for the group as some need more or people just don’t want to try, and the rush may need some people to escort/clear monsters on the path. If you want to check out the videos a link to the thread on this forum is in my signature ^.^

Bounties impossible for smaller Guilds

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It’s even hard to 350+ roster guild.
because I can’t force people to participate guild bounty

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Bounties impossible for smaller Guilds

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Yep, you’re doing something very wrong if you can’t do a simple bounty with 10-15 people.

We are a small guild, based on public events, you can REP and join every Monday/Saturday for Bounties, etc.

We get a lot of very large track bounties, but we have managed to do every one in the last 3 weeks very easily, give or take 10 seconds left on the clock.

It’s about organization, you get 2 groups of 5, you head to your destination and you follow the GW2 Wiki path guides by spreading out in every direction and find they bounty.

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