Ranked People Starting Activated Missions

Ranked People Starting Activated Missions

in Guild Missions

Posted by: Hearte.6852


Currently any mission that is activated can be started by any guild member, regardless of rank. This means that when challenge, rush, puzzle, or bounty is activated, any guild member can walk up and start the mission. For any guild larger than 1 person in size, this can be a serious issue, as it is with our guild.

We recruit new members frequently, and even though we have policies in place and frequent reminders, we still often have an unknowing guild member start activated missions prematurely. This is a major problem for certain challenges, bounties, and puzzles, especially if the guild members haven’t fully gathered.

There are rank privileges in place that allow only certain members to activate missions and upgrades, so why does this protection not extend to the actual mission starting point? There is a sizable amount of frustration with the officers in our guild because of this, when it’s time to do guild missions twice per week. It seems like a relatively simple fix.