[Vids] Guild Missions are fun!-Dec6 XHSA

[Vids] Guild Missions are fun!-Dec6 XHSA

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Heya folks!
Guild Missions are fun, so much so that I do them 2 times a week currently.

If you’d like to check them out, this is the playlist where they all end up: YouTube Playlist
Most recent vid with: Xunlai Heroic Service Agents [XHSA] Episode 88
Previous with: Silvertree [Str] Episode 87

Started doing missions around their release and recording began in March of 2014. Not an expert by any means, still learnin’ new stuff and ways to port people in. All episodes are currently exported in 720p due to my video editing software only supporting it.

Previous to episode 57 recording was done in 1080p then downscaled for youtube and my rig was set to medium settings. Episode 58 and forward recording was changed to 720p with high graphical settings. This was initially done due to finding out having the game in window mode actually improved performance plus allowed increased details. Do still intend to upgrade my gfx card in the near future at the very least.

Try to be on the guild host’s voip service when available otherwise attempt some running commentary. Rarely censor others in the video, mainly upon request, and never with their audio. Used to stream at the same time as recording however my upload limits the quality to 360p so that didn’t last long.

On Aug 21 2014 the 50th Guild Mission video was uploaded bringing the playlist up to 45 hours. Neat!

Comments, questions, concerns, ridicule? By all means post below!

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