Help with my looks!

Help with my looks!

in Norn

Posted by: Morbridae.8607


Hi there!

I just made a norn thief after Riddik (I know is misspelled) from the Pitch Black movies. I want him to look as similar to that character as possible, but I believe that he can still be improved.

The equipment I am currently using is:

  • Head: Eagle-Eye Goggles [&AgGRGQAA]
  • Shoulder: Studded Shoulders [&AgG7GAAA]
  • Chest: Heart of Koda [&AgHPRgAA]
  • Hand: Stalwart Gloves [&AgEDFgAA]
  • Leg: Flame Legion Leggins [&AgG7QwAA]
  • Foot: Studded Boots [&AgHNFQAA]

Please, any help on what can I change to look more like Riddik?

I choose daggers and pistols as his weapons, and will appreciate help about their skins too:

  • Dagger: Glimmerfang [&AgHrtwAA]
  • Pistol: none in particular, so far

thx in advance for any help or feedback!!!


Morbridae (Norn Necromancer)
@ Sorrow’s Furnace (VE)

Help with my looks!

in Norn

Posted by: Mesket.5728


hmmm… if you want a Riddik character you can:

- Another chest… with no trenchcoat and both sleeves removed (try Vigil)
- Gloves, you need something that doesn’t cover the arm, just the hands… like a motorcycle glove. You will find plenty in the 1-20 level bracket.
- No shoulders
- Pants and boots its easy
- there are dark lens at the gem store I believe.

Zerk is the average Joe build. Don’t pat yourself in the back too hard.

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