A return to your roots

A return to your roots

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Posted by: Setun.4368


So once the main story arc for Zhaitan is all done with, there isn’t much else going on story wise in Tyria except for the living story. I really enjoyed the personal story, in particular the areas of the story before the pact coming together. So I was wondering if once a player completes the Zhaitan fight, maybe we could have a daily personal story choice to do. There could kittenoices to pick from, and perhaps the specific objectives of each could be RNG like fractals: doing a personal story instance that involves your hometown (i.e. fighting off Sons of Svanir for the norn, defending a village in Queensdale from bandits for the human, etc), one for your order (i.e. leading a Vigil squad against ______ foes, infiltrating _ area as a Whispers against, etc) and one for the Pact (i.e. defending / assaulting a strategic point of interest against the undead or what have you.) That way players can get a sense of continuation in the world within those organizations because it just feels like once the Zhaitan fight is done and over with, your ranks within your order and the pact are moot and you just become ‘random adventurer #2341552113’.

Also just as a random train of thought: why the kitten are the order weapons / armor so expensive, and on top of that, why are there only lvl 80 versions? Seems a bit strange when a warmaster of the Vigil or a lightbringer of the Whispers is running around like a patchwork zombie with rusty weapons meanwhile NPC initiates to the order are in full garb / weapons.

Give purpose to your characters ranks for their hometown / order / The Pact with a repeatable daily story instance quest of their choosing.

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A return to your roots

in Personal Story

Posted by: Zomaarwat.3912


Woah woah woah, are you saying you want some kind of traditional daily quests? Ewww.

Over a year and the forum search is still broken = /

A return to your roots

in Personal Story

Posted by: redslion.9675


One does not simply come here talking about roots with all the time we had to spend with Treesus.

However, I’d like a prosecution in the personal story with missions more similar to the starting ones. Stuff more linked to your race, class and homeland than all this “save the world” thingy.

Sometimes, you might have to go for something smaller, which can be even more demanding or epic.

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