Issues with "Ossuary of Unquiet Dead"

Issues with "Ossuary of Unquiet Dead"

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Posted by: High Lord Orion.9647

High Lord Orion.9647

I’m sorry to say that this will be a slight rant. I just got done helping my friend (who is newer to the game) with this incredulously obnoxious instance.

Why am I so upset?

The problem lies with the veteran abominations in the instance. Since the player travels with a party of squishy pact soldiers, they stack up 25 stacks of a damage buff and can therefore one-hit a l80 character in full exotic PVT gear. I had to spend about ten minutes carefully kiting and dodging the thing. In direct juxtaposition, the champions in the instance are hilariously easy to kill, and can be facetanked to death.

Please look into this issue, as many players newer to the game could easily become frustrated if not properly geared to deal with this.

Issues with "Ossuary of Unquiet Dead"

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Posted by: Jeffrey Vaughn

Jeffrey Vaughn

Content Designer

It’s a L76 story step, so I don’t think it should be balanced for “new” players. There is one abomination on patrol around the temple which is intended to be an avoidable hazard. The other abominations on each platform start out “under construction” and can be killed before they’re able to fight. (When you approach them, the “incomplete” status that’s keeping them stunned will begin to fade.)

Issues with "Ossuary of Unquiet Dead"

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Posted by: Seera.5916


So it’s not supposed to be balanced for the average player at level 76?! By level 76 a player should be well versed in the game. It’s not like it’s a level 10 quest. By then a “new” player would be an average player.

Is there ANYTHING in the story that makes it obvious that if you approach them the incomplete status goes away? So that while fighting one you can at least attempt to avoid running into another one while evading the first?

Or getting the NPC’s to not approach them if they can trigger that status to go away.

It’s one thing to have a story quest be hard, but if it’s balanced for experienced players something is wrong. The personal story quest should at least be doable by no more than a group of “new” players. Because that is a very valid group to be doing the story. After so many times of doing the story, a person isn’t going to want to do the story. So a high percentage of players doing the story will be NEW players. Therefore, the story quests should at least be doable by new players to a reasonable degree. Which means balanced towards new to intermediate players.

Issues with "Ossuary of Unquiet Dead"

in Personal Story

Posted by: ElysianEternity.6215


I’m usually not posting on the forums, but this problem caught my attention too.

I see a dev replied to this thread and I feel the need to address the issue and hope they can look into this because it’s not only this one quest and also not just a question of level.

All Abominations have the 25-frenzy stack problem going on, in and outside of the personal story.

That also includes lower level quests like “Defending the Keep” (lvl 26, charr).

However it becomes the most apparent (and frustrating) in quests with multiple Abominations like “A light in the darkness” which is lvl 55, The battle of Claw island (50) and Retribution (60), Shell Shock (64) and a couple of others I cannot recall right now. But it’s thumb-estimate pretty much every regular Abomination mob.

The 25-frenzy stack problem with the abomination happens also overworld in places like the southern swamps in the Gendarran fields and in Lychmire in Kessex Hills which are lower level areas.

So the problem lies with the Abominations themselves, not the individual quests. I hope the devs can look into this and fix it. (…unless they really intended this to be this way).