Those pesky, pesky Abominations

Those pesky, pesky Abominations

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I brought up this problem in another thread (the Ossuary of the Unquiet dead one) which was focused on a specific mission and a dev replied with a comment about that specific problem and the general problem behind this issue might have been overlooked due to that.

Probably it’s just cuz of the festivities that no one replied yet. Still, since this strings throughout the whole personal story I feel this needs general addressing.


Problem? Abominations. And the crazy frenzy stacking. I know there’s a few ways to avoid certain death by an incoming huge sewed pile of limbs, be it avoiding their attacks 4 times to reset their frenzy or killing them before they reach 25 stacks.

And by lvl 7x from dev-perspective (judging by the comment in the other thread) a player should have figured out somewhat how to kite one of them. I’m aware these ones are not made to be facetanked.

So, the problem? Well, it’s not one single abomination in a single mission. It’s not only personal quests in Orr either. I’d be totally fine with it if it was only Abominations in Orr.

But the crazy Frenzy-stacking occurs with every regular Abomination mob. In fact, it occurs during early personal story steps as well as in a few places overworld that are far from Orr.

And the problem with those personal story quests is that you’re seldom alone. There’s almost always a big group of NPCs that cannot dodge or evade attacks and therefore gives the Abominations freebies of frenzy in a single sweep. And if that’s not frustrating, well make it multiple abominations.

The most ridiculous example I’ve experienced while playing an alt is in the screenshot below, of the mission “Whispers of Vengeance” (28). While there’s a good number of frustrating instances with Abominations like the quest “Shell Shock” as another example, this one stood out because of how low-level it was and yet how the whole instance was crawling with Risen Abominations.

There were a dozen Abominations I sneaked by on my way (in good Order of Whispers fashion :P), but even so there are about 5 Abominations circling the Priory team and a lot of normal Risen accompany them which makes kiting and luring them almost impossible and definitely more frustrating than it needs to be since they enlarge the aggro-circle.

I’d be incredibly thankful if Anet looked into this and could try to separate the Risen Abominations that are difficult on purpose from the ones players encounter early on or in mass. And I’m sure I wouldn’t be the only one appreciating that. :>


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