Gw2 Future Professions and Skills

Gw2 Future Professions and Skills

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Posted by: Swish.2463


Sorry not gonna be a thread about my half baked idea’s for OP god-like classes that Anet should make. More of a collection of thoughts about maintaining Balance whilst these things are added.

Lets face it, Gw2 is an MMO and it is susceptible to teh zombie crawl of releasing New Skills, Weapons, and Classes to up the stakes and get more players and make established players happy. But how can Anet keep a steady balance and avoid adding so much that keeping a general balance is even possible?

My thoughts on the matter.

Limit new Classes. Personally, with so much of the game alreayd about looks over numbers, The fewer classes that end up overlapping or becoming OP the better. I would prefer perhaps 1, maaaaaaybe 2 in the case of medium armor, new class per armor tier. I’d rather see more Races than classes before the game runs its course and dies out in the far flung future.

New Weapons. Again i feel limiting these is paramount, sure its only 5 skills for a smattering of professions but adding a whole new skill set for each of the 8 classes can very easily lead to one sitting ontop of the others. Just enough weapons to give a bit more play style choice without making older options useless.

New Skills. I see the idea of modifiers for weapon skills being thrown around, customizing each skill to your exact liking with some take and give and while Thats wonderful I dont feel its taken quiet far enough. To limit the introduction of needed Utility skills and Elite skills I’d much rather see Slotable alternate skills for the weapons. For example X weapon #2 currently has an attack that casts a ground targeted AoE, in the future this could be interchangeable with a second option that fires a projectile. Using the second option ofcourse removes the first until switched back. Keeping balance here would be a matter of perhaps limiting how many Weapon skills can be interchanged (Example 1 3 5 are default and 2 and 4 are secondary, you need a different skill for 3 to be more effective but need to trade 4 or 2 back to default for it).

Lemme know your guys thoughts on the above or anything else you may have considered.

TL;DR Keeping less and making it count for More is better than having 5 pages of utilities to scroll through or 15 professions to pick from.

“Gw2, It’s still on the Table!” – Anet

Gw2 Future Professions and Skills

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Posted by: piitb.7635


Cantha expansion: Monk class

Elona expansion: Dervish class

Far Shiverpeaks: Shaman class (read: ritualist)

Gw2 Future Professions and Skills

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Posted by: Gourry.3951


I hope the expansions aren’t super human centric. (Even though I play human)

Gw2 Future Professions and Skills

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Posted by: Genoss Hazard.7528

Genoss Hazard.7528

I think a Ritualist needs to make a come-back in future expansions (Cantha more specifically), however many people think that the Dervish profession might return, the problem with the dervish profession is that it is heavily affiliated with the human gods, which will seem rather odd on a race that does not believe in the 6 gods. Also seriously, a charr with a scythe what a joke. Regardless i’m happy with any innovative ideas for a profession anet comes up with

Gw2 Future Professions and Skills

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Posted by: MasterGeese.4756


Class: Death Knight (just kidding… please don’t.)

Weapons: Arm blades. Please.