New profession?

New profession?

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Posted by: SixtyandEighty.7394


This is just an idea- and a half formulated one- for a new profession, salvager. They would accumulate “scrap”, which would be their equivalent of the Warrior’s adrenaline, the Thief’s initiative, the Necromancer’s life force, etc. I am not sure how it would be collected, except maybe off bodies, or by using weapon skills. Scrap could be spent to make one of four environmental weapons, which are different depending on what’s in the healing slot and skill slots (but not the elite). One of them could just be the humble plank. Another might be a mortar, which you can carry around and place down. A single use one might be a throwable bottle that inflicts random conditions. The creation time and scrap cost would vary according to the complexity of the weapon, so the plank would be cheap and fast, while the mortar would be slow and expensive. The created items would have to expire, otherwise servers could get spammed with them, and players could infinitely use environmental weapons. A despawn mechanic would have to act on anything on the ground (I don’t know if this is already in place), while a hit restriction, not a time restriction, would be imposed on the unique created weapons that don’t already have, for example, a fifty percent chance to break on hit, like the plank.

This class would only have a limited number of “real” weapons, maybe just dagger on and offhand torch offhand and either shortbow or pistol on and offhand. Maybe also sword on hand only.

Please, reply and tell me if this is impossible, by leaving a hate post & linking a post that shows that the devs think so too. Or be supportive. I would really like to see the profession system added upon.