PvP is severely unorganized

PvP is severely unorganized

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I loved playing GW1 and still overall enjoy playing GW2 very much so. However, I am a bit disappointed in the lack of structure the game has. Especially since GW1 was so organized.

PvP is a mess.

1. Classes are unbalanced. I do understand that balancing classes perfectly is impossible. But honestly, it can be improved in GW2. Perhaps add in more skills to the game to increase variety.

2. It is clear the PvP team has no idea what they are doing. (I do not care if this is considered offensive, it is blatantly obvious.) . There is only one game mode. Tournaments have also changed numerous times.

3. Reward System. There used to be Free and Paid tournaments and there no longer are, yet the tokens are still used. (This has to be extremely confusing to a new player). I also have no idea how to get many rewards that are added in.

Overall, I love this game. Its just a bit of a mess in terms of PvP.

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