please add a dps parser into the game

please add a dps parser into the game

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Posted by: Fext.3614


Add a dps parser which would show how much dps does a certain member of a group.

Majority of players in the game are ex WoWers. They are used to the typical WoW arrogant elitism and looks for some ways how to select and form top performing groups; typicaly kicking everything which is not over some achievement level OR based on a list of hated classes (rangers, necros, etc., well sometimes anything which is not a war/guard/ele).

So my half ascedned geared ranger gets typically kicked from groups without notice, just for being a ranger, before anything happens.

I KNOW that the dps parser absence is there to prevent exactly this.
But as we all see, people are doing it anyway, just using some pseudocriteria. You are trying to fight rotten human nature here and it is impossible.

So make it just and add the parser into the game, so we are at least given a chance to show we are not a total junk.

NOTE: I have both war and guard 80 alts and properly equipped. I just want to play something else, too.

please add a dps parser into the game

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Posted by: Kulvar.1239


So you argue that : People are stupid, comfort them in their stupidity.
what about no?

DPS meter will just add millions of topics “increase my DPS !” or “class X DPS too high !”.
And GW2 will became a stupid hack & slash DPS game…