Why is there 1 hour of nothing?

Why is there 1 hour of nothing?

in Tequatl Rising

Posted by: VIVorcha.7853


Why do we have to wait 1 hour between failures, and even longer if we somehow manage to succeed?

That just makes it even more frustrating when you fail.

15 minutes of downtime between fights would have been plenty.

I thought GW2 was about getting AWAY from bad aspects of MMOs.

Why is there 1 hour of nothing?

in Tequatl Rising

Posted by: Mathai.5172


While I fully understand the delay after a success, I too wish there wasn’t so much downtime between failures. I loved fighting Tequatl in his new form the first few times, but even day one was frustrated that I couldn’t try again after a failure.

But at the same time, there should be a decent amount of down time between fights so we can regroup and replenish the amount of players. Something like a half hour would be a great amount of time to wait. Enough for people to get up and stretch their legs, and then get back and take part in the planning to go at it again.

Besides, what dragon that had just kicked out butts would ever want to hide away for hours before returning for more snacks?

Why is there 1 hour of nothing?

in Tequatl Rising

Posted by: linuxotaku.4731


This is specifically what I found insulting about the event. I think the Karka Queen is a good design in this sense — if you fail it, you can restart it by re-doing the trigger quests. With Tequatl, you had to wait for it to start with a prepared group — and then if you failed, you were faced with >1h more waiting. That is not how i want to spend my time — I play a game to be entertained and challenged, not to wait around being bored.

Tequatl wasn’t enough to make me quit — but it was enough to make me look at my time spent playing the game and honestly ask: is this fun? or am I just grinding?

Yesterday was my first day not playing in a long time (I logged in to continue giving away stuff, and that’ll take a little longer as I wait for everything I’m selling to finish going) … no dailies, no APs, nada. The increase in AP rewards for PvP progress messed up my nice clean score … I’ll just have to pretend that I still have only 11500 APs instead of 11518.

I have plenty of other complaints (over-reliance on RNG for top-tier rewards, tagging siege, temporary content with limited-windows to finish) … but Tequatl really seemed like a slap in the face or a kick in the shin or whatever expression you like.