Basic Event Overview

Basic Event Overview

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Season’s greetings!

If you’re looking for information on the Wintersday event, you’ve come to the right place. This post should serve as a guide to help you experience everything this winter festival has to offer.

Lion’s Arch

The iconic central city of Tyria will once again serve as a hub for the festivities. After you take in the decorations, check the map for new icons related to the holiday.

The Toymaker Tixx Instance

Tixx will be asking players to climb aboard his airborne workshop to help him build toys. Gather a group of your friends, because this unique five-player instance is a perilous adventure that changes with each toy made! Every major city is getting a toy of its own, so look for the instance entrance beneath the airship as it makes its way across Tyria. Tixx has been kind enough to publish the following itinerary for his journey:

10am PST, 12/15—The Grove
10am PST, 12/16—Divinity’s Reach
10am PST, 12/17—The Black Citadel
10am PST, 12/18—Hoelbrak
10am PST, 12/19—Rata Sum
10am PST, 12/20—Lion’s Arch

Don’t worry if you miss one of the stops. Once Tixx arrives in Lion’s Arch, you can play any day’s version of the airship instance you’d like!

A Special Toymaker Tixx Gift

After Tixx arrives in Lion’s Arch on the 20^th^, you’ll want to visit the toymaker in the Grand Piazza. Tixx has promised to deliver a special one-time gift to every player that visits him in person. Just remember to visit him before the holiday ends on January 3^rd^.

Limited Edition Tixx Toy Minis

Toymaker Tixx is making five special toys this year. Building the toys yourself is no easy process, but if you successfully complete an airship instance, you’ll be rewarded with secret ingredients needed to make a toy mini. Each toy requires a unique frame and several toy components. Complete each city’s airship instance, and you’ll have more than enough ingredients to make any toy you’d like.


We have several instanced minigames for you to enjoy, all accessible through activity NPCs in Lion’s Arch. Play them all, or stick with your favorite—there’s sure to be something for everyone.

Wintersday Jumping Puzzle

Test your jumping skills in a winter wonderland while carrying presents to toyless children. But beware: between the skritt, the snowballs, and the melting snowflakes, you’re in for a challenge! Get to the end before frostbite takes its toll, and whatever you do, don’t fall.

Present Hunting

Rumor has it that Tixx’s airship is splitting at the seams with a dragon-size cargo of gifts, and large presents are falling off the ship across Tyria. You can explore the world in search of these gifts, but be careful when you open them; you never know what’s inside!

Gift Boxes

Embrace the most celebrated tradition of Wintersday: loot! During the holiday, you can earn gift boxes for all sorts of content. Inside, you’ll find treasures like tonics, weapon skins, crafting materials, and more. Of course, not every gift contains exactly what you want. Tixx has been known to donate some rather undesirable materials. But you can trade in unwanted gifts for a chance at something better! To give it a go, speak to one of the Lionguard gift-exchange representatives in Lion’s Arch.

Achievements and Wintersday Title

There are sixteen new holiday achievements for this special event. Complete any twelve to be granted the title “Apprentice Toymaker” and join the ever-growing ranks of Tixx’s cheer-spreading krewe.