A few more notes & feedback

A few more notes & feedback

in WvW Desert Borderlands Stress Test

Posted by: Rednar.4690


To fix:
- Ranger Axe Autoattack bounces on the shrine itself as if it were an enemy, thus wasting 1 of the 3 targets I can hit with the bounces. I wonder if this is affecting other professions as well (for all skills that have a limited number of targets)
- Catapult animation looks off when returning to original position after shooting, as if it was missing some frames. It’s not smooth like the trebuchet’s animation
- In Earth Keep sandstorm, stealth is not being applied to Ranger Pet. I’m not sure if enemy can see pet or not, but from my side, my pet appears without invisibility and without a stealth boon on him

Some notes:
- Guards spawn time is a bit short. It’s awesome that guards play a much more important role now in objective defense, they feel a lot more like allies rather than rallybots. Maybe against zergs this spawn time feels just right. But having to kill these strong NPCs over and over again feels just a bit cumbersome for a less than 15 player group
- Keep Lord Iron Hide may be a bit too strong. It’s awesome that Keep Lords, as guards, feel more like allies rather than something that the enemy will melt without a hitch. But for a less than 15 player group it will take at least 5-10 minutes to kill the NPC with this buff, is it the intention to have players fighting an NPC for this amount of time? Again, this may feel just right for a big zerg so just leaving this here as a thought
- I was not able to witness this myself but I saw a lot of players commenting on how the guild tactic of gate turrets was too strong, making it almost impossible to be near gate. Can’t say much about this since I didn’t see it for myself but I wanted to bring this out in case my fellow beta testers don’t do it
- Some defensive siege is impossible to counter because of height and angles

Wish List:
- All Guild Tactics and Improvements should be activated from guild panel for a limited period of time (like “+5 Supply” which lasts for 12 hours) rather than as consumables (like Guild Catapults). I’m saying this because guild tactics are neat and give Objective Defense a whole new dimension, it would be a shame for these to be wasted by mistake
- Didn’t get the chance to test this but would hope that Spy Balloon doesn’t detect enemies in stealth. Using stealth to counter this improvement adds a new tactical maneuver for assaulters.
- Hope for a more aggressive flame ram effect. Flame ram’s new look is amazing but animation looks as if it was hitting weak and lazy
- Even though siege’s new look is lean and beautiful, the noise should be a bit louder to alert nearby players (friends or foes) of an assault taking place

Me and my girlfriend had a blast on this stress test, thank you for the opportunity! Also, kudos to all the team working on this map and this game mode, the result is fantastic, thanks a lot!! The only downside of this stress test is having to wait a month and a half to see this beautiful scenario again. Until then…

~Red Kvothe~
Kaineng Server
Leader of The Doors of Stone [DS]