Handarand feedback on Desert Borderlands

Handarand feedback on Desert Borderlands

in WvW Desert Borderlands Stress Test

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I played different roles in highly populated WvW servers – FSP and SFR EU kitten (leading, roaming, blobing, 20man raids, ppt etc). I played on both servers in different times and not only when it became uberstrong in some of the game aspects of this gamemode. ANd i would like to share my opinion about some stuff of new Desert Borderlands.

take in concideration i totally agree with poster https://forum-en.gw2archive.eu/forum/game/wuvtest/Test-Feedback/first#post5476199

WvW is a mass gamemode where in order to win you need to capture objectives, hold them for “ticks” to get points in a week time. And sometimes even fight for them.

While people enjoy ppt, fighting in different scales from 1v1 to 30+v30+, capturing objectives. (yes I divided ppt from capturing objectives because PPT is what you do 24/7 for 7 days during the matchup, while capturing objective it’s when you capturing 1 entire objective whatever it is).

So about the new map.

New map fighting abilities (as this thing stand over others, bcse it is what alot of people claim to like (even those who msotly play in 30+ random fights, yes most of them think they are HARDCORE….giggles.)
I have high hopes that zerging (at least 40+) won’t be a viable option on new maps. Yes zerging gives maps more population because if i tag up with 30 guys i get 70 (proof = http://i.imgur.com/xawt9s5.jpg last week scrn). Here it seems not excact clear where is it will be more viable to run duo, solo, or zergs still rules? Somegaps for zerging benefits are still out there (supply capacity etc). Some great things for smaller groups are there aswell though and they are ALL for defence. So that lives active maps mostly in innability to cap, if the population is equal and everyone stay outside of structures or inside them (basically it’s good, bcse those who want to fight will meet eachtoehr in open field). I know logic is hard arround that, but the understanding of the new map in progression is not that easy either even with 3 days test k*tten not everyone playing.

Claiming system is a boost for defence and very high. Together with a different tactical steps that can be made in different parts of the game mode.

Banners – great thing if smaller group has. 1 banner on smaller group and 1 banner on bigger group, makes bigger group still strong though. And the current bug that idescribe later.
Turtle banner – strongest. Insnanly good group utilities and support.
Dragon banner – decent offencive abilities.
Centaur banner – crap.

The thing that you can see enemies near your objectives its UBERGREAT. You can see ammount of the people so you can think how toreacts AND it makes map more alive itselfe, when you can spot enemies on another side of the map and if it’s a zerg you can juke them.
Sentrys – same as wtchtowers – great abilitiy and adds life to deserted sometimes bls *OH isee 3 guys there, mby they going to camp..hm…let me take this 5 uscpaled dudes with me and we got foight them. Fit fir mi mai lemings"

No pvd to gates
Great. Though it still lives spot for zerging to be stronger just because of the supply capacity. Limiting siege drop in area could be possible solution (though omega golems and trebs all arround still give it better time for zerging)

Emergency waypoint
Great. Just great claim.Lower CD would be great though (15m instead of 20).

Supply drop

Couldn’t find it usefull tbh.

No dmg to cannons, oils, mortar from players

super strong. If i have 20 lemings and there are 5 lemings inside, it will take me a huge while of really BORING gameplay.
It’s a good thing to boost defences, but it leads to a boring gameplay mostly for both sides. Make this buff more active – no player dmg to structure siege when manned? 80% less dmg from everything to those sieges? smth like that would be cool.

gates and walls take no dmg for 1m

good thing, pretty active and not just FUKOF button.

guards and vets in keep/tower take 50% less dmg

good thing

charr carr

dmg is too low on skill 1, a bit boost to this 30k hp roller would be great. it takes so long to make it and not that easy to defend even with mobility it has.

invrurn dolyaks, speedy dolyaks etc


ovrall map mechanics

Capturing structures will be much harder now and it will be a REAL DEAL to take something from those who don’t want it to be taken, especially if they are not outnumbered. It’s ok.
You can’t make nonfighting players to go fight, other way works for fight orientated players. You (anet) anet showed us alot of posibilities for defencive/ppt/capturers to play and make others do what you want because of defencive buff etc (cap when they sleep and bunker inside with 15 guys) give something more ot fighting oriented players.

For this Oasis Event is great as a part of map mechanics. Because those full pvt mesmers need to get out of their structures to not loose everything. Oasis event is great! Give MORE for active play, passive defences are buffed enough

GvG players is a real thing. Take them in account. They play wvw. They play it for fights. Give ability to groups that want to fight 15-20vssame some GOAL to achive and not only knock on door for 1 hour. AND yes it’s right to write it in this thread – make guild halls ARENA big enough and viable for 15-20vssame or othwerwise you will loose alot of players.

Some guilds enjoy rading and fighting though but not strict FULLOFFICIALMLGCOMEOSORCHICKEN, making fighting for event like oasis for them or so..hm….


Bugs/bad designs

- When enemie captures Stoic Rampart WP don’t disapear and you can port inisde that keep when enemie owns it, when you attack enemie lord – wp becomes contested.

- Fortified walls that are just blocking shortcuts are actually having much less health, any telegraphing of this would be great.

- Dragon Banner 3 can make siege damage to gates/walls.

- NO SHARED CD on banner skills, 3 guys with 1 turtle banner can keep perma resistance and endure pain for 10 guys, arround 4 banners can be obtained due to claims on 2 camps and 2 keeps wich is normal on any map, so it’s 40 guys can be invurrnurable all time, while gorup of 10 will have excact same advantage if they use this strategy.

- Sometimes Marked buff doesn’t dissapear from you when you move out from objective or cap it (tower with watchtower upgrade, sentry).

- Keep Guards – respwan time is too fast.

- No minimap of interior in fire keep.

Additionall. When i run on that map it feels like i’m participating in some adventure from Tolkien stories, while i don’t look like Golum in real life. Map looks kittening amazing. I had cultural orgazm exploring it.

I’ll edit later if i will remember more what i would like to add. Ty gg wp.

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Handarand feedback on Desert Borderlands

in WvW Desert Borderlands Stress Test

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Nice feedback Handa