Filtering Demo Characters

Filtering Demo Characters

in API Development

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When retrieving characters associated to an account, I have noticed that the Path of Fire demo characters are among the characters returned to me.

For example, on my account I have 7 characters. yet when I query the GW2 API, it returns 9 characters to me. The 2 additional characters were the ones I created during the Path of Fire preview weekends. I find this odd as I am no longer able to view or play as these characters in game.

I am aware that there is a “flags” array that can contain a “Beta” string inside of it, however the “Beta” flag does not always flag the correct characters. Sometimes all of my characters are flagged “Beta” even when opening the API route via a web browser.

Any thoughts?

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Filtering Demo Characters

in API Development

Posted by: Lawton Campbell

Lawton Campbell

Web Programmer

Huh, that’s super strange. Not sure why it’s broken, will have to look into that.