GW2 RL Chef: Jerk Poultry & Nopal Flatbread

GW2 RL Chef: Jerk Poultry & Nopal Flatbread

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Posted by: Illconceived Was Na.9781

Illconceived Was Na.9781

I thought Gaile & non-redditors would enjoy watching this under-7-minute video showing how someone took the GW2’s version of a RL life recipe and made it in RL.

Reminder: I did not create the video or original thread; I’m reposting it. The actual creator is u/MayoChef

For those who don’t want to follow the link, here’s the original post:

I’ve always felt during my time of playing GW2 that we take food for granted, whether it’s stacks of rare veggie pizza or mountains of seaweed salad.

It then came to my one day…what better way to appreciate the food then actually making it yourself. I’ve tried to stay as true to the GW2 ingredients as possible, although that may lead to weird results.

This is the first youtube video I’ve made and I filmed it on my phone so any tips for filming/video editing would be most appreciated. I hope you enjoy the video and there are more to come so enjoy.

One of my favorite parts comes right before the 2-minute mark (budding chefs will recognize the brief regret and decision to soldier on).

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