(Semi)new Podcast! Kit and the Travelers

(Semi)new Podcast! Kit and the Travelers

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Hey guys!

Are you bored and are you looking for a new podcast to listen? Well look no further! (Wow, this sounds cheesy)

Kit and the Travelers podcast is a weekly podcast that talks about the current stuff occuring ingame, lore, speculations and a lot of other stuff. We are quite a diverse cast of people – Community event organizer, Youtuber, Painter, Voice Actor, Comic maker, Raider and a Streamer.

We are not very typical podcast though because we don’t have a fixed structure or aren’t very professional and we like to go offtopic quite often. We basically come each Wednesday and have fun.

Little warning though, if you’re looking for family friendly podcast then we’re not for you. There is some swearing, we don’t do namecalling or are toxic, we just sometimes let emotions out and we don’t hold back. We give credit where credit is due and criticize the stuff we think is worth improving.

Anyway, we have finally started to upload audio versions of the podcast to soundcloud. Here you can find the latest episode: SOUNDCLOUD

We are live each Wednesday at 12 pm PDT on https://www.twitch.tv/kitthetraveler

We plan also to upload the episodes to youtube very soon if you’re rather interested in that form.

Check us out, you may like us.

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