[BG]Looking for Small guilds to merge!

[BG]Looking for Small guilds to merge!

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Posted by: Derian Gothsend.3928

Derian Gothsend.3928


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|The Proposal|

Hello my fellow Blackgate Leaders and Officers. I’m the High Councilor (Leader) for WARCRY and I am here for one purpose. That is, to discuss the possibility of mergers. Why you ask? Because there are so many small guilds fighting for numbers to take on the much bigger guilds and compete on an even playing field, but yet there are not enough players to go around.

I am proposing that any guild(s), who want to, merge into WARCRY. With this, we all will be able to have one big cohesive unit that can handle anything. We all want the same things, so why not join forces to do just that. Once we begin to merge guilds, we can discuss any possible to changes needed to the guild as a whole.

|Structure and Organization|

Currently the structure consist of myself, the Vice Leader, and 2 Officers. We are trying to put together a bigger staff of experienced, mature, and guild-minded leaders and officers. We can discuss all staff positions and who you want to have what job.

Developed website
Teamspeak 3 voicechat
Art of War Lv. 5
Politics Lv. 5 – ( Guild Armor and Guild Weapons available)
Economy Lv. 5
Architecture Lv. 5 – (Treasure Trove and Guild Stash built)
Mature and dedication group of players

I truly do believe that combining forces into one strong unit is much better than being divided. We all want a big guild, we want active members, we want to meet and form bonds with fellow like-minded people. So let’s not talk about it and just be about it.

Any guilds who are interested in this idea and want to discuss it further with me can contact me anytime. And you are all free to join the WARCRY teamspeak anytime.

Official Site: http://www.TheWarcryGuild.com
Teamspeak 3: (no password)
Contact people: Soulgage.2638 | Derian Gothsend.3928

[BG]Looking for Small guilds to merge!

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Posted by: shade.5682


hello sir, I’m Bloodmaster X and I’m in charge of Keepers of Life and Death, and I would like to answer to your question. I do not want to merge, but would like to be allies with you sir because I agree with what you are saying about small guilds.
If you would like to become allies and partners with our guilds please do not hesitate and contact me!
thank you,
bloodmaster X

[BG]Looking for Small guilds to merge!

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Posted by: Saxon.1908


Hi Derian Gothsend, I’m Saxon of of 2 GL’s from MOA in Sorrows Furnace.

What your proposing is an interesting idea. Iv’e considered doing something like this in the past, but I have two major concerns.

1/ Server. We are based in SF, and I don’t think there would be much point to having a split cross-server guild (especially for WvW) and I don’t think many of our members would come to a new Server.

2/Control Myself and the other GL would be more then willing to share control, but with the way Guilds are structured in the game I wouldn’t be possible to be kicked from my own guild- And I could never give up everything we have built wit the possibility of loosing everything and starting over.

What are your thoughts on these issues? Do you see a possible solution? If so we might be able to discuss a merger.