Couple Seeking Christian Guild on SoR

Couple Seeking Christian Guild on SoR

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Posted by: Aaricia.9758


“Married Couple Looking to Spice Up Their Gaming Life”

An Eastern Time Zone couple on Sanctum of Rall are currently seeking to add a little more thrill to our gaming life and we need your help! We come as a pair and would like to stay as a pair, but expand our circle of human interaction—-because we’re parents to two girls both under the age of 5 and haven’t the ability to have a life beyond our home. Our special talents include singing every song ever found in the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse shows and reciting Pout Pout Fish from memory.

What we’re looking for: Home. Despite the risqué title at the top, we’re very family-friendly and Christ-centered. We don’t curse, we don’t use the Lord’s name in vain, we don’t party (see that we have children), and we’re old enough to know that we don’t like drama—-we can’t even stand reality TV. It would be nice to find a guild that we could comfortably leave the VoIP open and not have to worry about our parroting toddlers picking up a new vocabulary of a few choice words. So, if you’re a family-friendly guild that doesn’t tolerate cursing or a Christian guild that could appreciate two old geezers in young bodies, we’d like to hear from you.

We are:

  • Members on Sanctum of Rall
  • PvX
  • Christian
  • Family-friendly
  • Early 30s
  • Too lazy to swap between repping guilds, so we’ll be repping you 100%
  • Filthy” casuals
  • Driven insane by Mickey Mouse

We seek:

  • Family-friendly or Christian-based
  • Preferably SoR guild for WvW
  • PvX
  • Bonus: VoIP and/or website

The husband: He’s a former WoW-head that was converted to Guild Wars 2 upon marriage to his fantastically amazing wife (me). He rather PvP or smash faces in WvW than complete any part of his personal storyline. He currently mains as a Warrior…and has a Ranger alt. Both are level 80. He likes to discuss the Bible, theologies, philosophies, and a whole bunch of other -ies. If Guild Wars 2 offered in-game fishing, he’d never log off because fishing is his life.

The wife: words fail to describe me, but I’ll try. In-game I am very easily distracted by events, harvesting nodes, bosses, and high cliffs that I must toss my pixel body off of. I unintentionally Leroy Jenkins at times and at other times I intentionally do it. I think a game should be fun and never a chore. I don’t run Meta Builds unless I feel like winning some matches in PvP and I will randomly start dancing in game because I wish I had moves like that in real life. I have 7 level 80s, but I main as a Druid. I’m a Wolf rank in PvP, and have the ability to Commander tag-up. I do take direction well when partying with an actual group and I’m dependable. I’ll keep you alive or die trying.

Side Notes:

  • We are willing to jump servers provided that the home server of the guild is open to transfers.
  • We’re returning players after taking a year long hiatus. It will take us a while to regain our skills.
  • If there isn’t already an established Christian guild on SoR and there is enough interest, I wouldn’t be opposed to helping establish a new guild.

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Couple Seeking Christian Guild on SoR

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Posted by: Ekhetrima.9651


Hi Aaricia,

Finding the right guild can be tough. I hope you find a good place for you and your husband.

I’d like to tell you about [Crow]. We are a new guild. Small and just getting started. We are a PvX guild not just in name like most. I love to play WvW, PvP and PvE. (We are based on Yak’s Bend however.)

I am a Christian but the guild is not necessarily. We do expect family friendly, PG13 chat. I can’t promise someone won’t slip up, but that is the goal. (I have kids too and I don’t want to have chatter that I’d be embarrassed for them to read, hear or learn.)

We are using Discord for text and voice chat (again PG13) and we have a web site (

We are a 21+ membership so you will fit right in. We are new and small, but you will be right in our average age slot.

I guess that is the basics. If you are open to being a part of something small and brand new, check out the web site and/or connect with me in game.