(ET) Luceat Eis, looking to expand

(ET) Luceat Eis, looking to expand

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Posted by: Noxaeternam.6214


Hey, all!

I know we’re not the most publicised guild, but [LUX] is a darn good one! I’m trying to expand, most of the active members stopped representing, and I want to get a community going again. We’re mostly PvE, though expansion into other areas of the game is not impossible once we get more members!

New players are more than welcome to join, also! It’s a big game, and I’d love to help someone get the hang of things.

Weekly events and raffles will also be starting once more people join! (I tried a raffle last month, and only 2 people participated, one of whom I told in person. Kinda disappointing.)

We currently have Poli III, Archi III, Econ II, and AoW I.

Anyway, let me know if you’d like to join! All new members get a free pie!

For the love of the Six, fix the Mac client.