lookint for a casual pve guild

lookint for a casual pve guild

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Posted by: cubia.9041


Hey im a returning player currently on (et) but willing to transfer. Im looking for a guild thats on yhe smaller side 50-100 that does a lot of pve, and has an active community

lookint for a casual pve guild

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Posted by: ashammer.2359


Heya Cubia,

I’m the guild leader of a PvE guild on Sorrow’s Furnace called Wrath Incarnate (WIN)
We are a friendly and all inclusive guild hoping to make every members gaming experience positive and enjoyable. We have over 150 members (20+ logging in daily) and a great core group that logs in everyday; we are also home to casual players and don’t mind if you only log in once or twice a week.

We try to consistently run Guild Bounties, Treks and Rushes. We have Challenges unlocked and will have Puzzles unlocked shortly We are constantly running all dungeons in story and exp mode and also do Fractals runs for those interested . We tend to run WvW in small groups but you can usually find a few of us solo roaming or with a zerg.

We also offer full guild upgrades, Ventrilo, a website, scheduled events and no drama at all.

If this sounds like a good fit for you and/or would like to know more just send me a PM here or in-game.


Guild Leader – Wrath Incarnate

lookint for a casual pve guild

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Posted by: kiwipearls.5237


Hi there, you might like our guild.

We are on Sea of Sorrows server.

We are an international guild with members from NZ/AU/US/CAN.

All members regardless of rank have the ability to organise ingame events ie Dungeons and Fractals.

Senility aims to be a multi-gaming casual guild for the adult gamer (18+). We all lead busy lives with our work and family commitments – that at the end of the day we want a stable and competitive guild, without the fear of being dismissed or berated for prioritising our real life responsibilities over those of MMo’s and gaming in general.

Senility is not a hard-core guild. We are tailored to the working adult and/or parent who cannot afford to spend countless hours on an MMO when life’s priorities demand our attention. Senility offers an adult community that specialises in casual play for adults who want to enjoy MMO’s without the pressures and time demands that other guilds sometimes inadvertently place on their members.

We are not about the race, we enjoy the journey and adventures getting there.

(Best to whisper or mail me in game – or follow the link to my recruitment thread in my sig for a list of officers)

lookint for a casual pve guild

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Posted by: itsSaiko.6043


Hello Friend

Minamoto clan [Mina] are a new guild that just recently started and looking for more members
we are focused on PVE but are happy to do some PVP and in the near future WvW

we are a casual guild that wanna keep everything no drama and nice and friendly for everyone to feel welcome and enjoy the good times in guildwars2 on the server off piken square

We are primarily English speaking, other languages are welcome so long as they know basic English.

Feel free to whisper me my char name is Honey Senpaii

lookint for a casual pve guild

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Posted by: SeeingBlue.8453



Sounds like we would be a great fit for you. Check us out!

If you are looking for a structured multi-game community you can call home then I invite you to review Great Architect. Instead of giving some TL:DR article, I have provided some key points below.

Our Community

  • Stormbluff Isles – We are active on SBI, but allow guesting. Don’t forget you can delete all your chars for a free transfer.
  • Mature – Our ages range from 18 – 30+.
  • Active – Recruiting all time zones. We have 60+ members. Most active around 10PM+- EST.
  • Website – Our site is hosted by Enjin. Used to share information and promote our events.
  • Community Oriented – We are community first, guild second. We look for community members.
  • Voice Comms – We use Mumble & Enjin chat via Overwolf overlay to communicate across multiple games.
  • Live Streamers – We promote our Twitch streamers. Our streamers often do giveaways.
  • Newbie Friendly – We are very helpful and always welcome new players.

In-Game Activity

  • WvW – Weekly WvW night. We run in small groups.
  • sPvP – Not much sPvP activity but we will support anyone wanting to start a team.
  • Leveling – We often team up with and help our lower levels.
  • Dungeons – Eager to run Dungeons, often done nightly.
  • Fractals – Same as above. Our most active runners are nearly level 10+.
  • World Bosses – We often report active bosses and kill most of them on a nightly basis.
  • Missions – Actively unlocking missions.
  • Representing – We do not require 100% representation, but atleast 75+-%.

I believe this covers just about everything. If you have any questions feel free to mail me in-game. You may also submit an application at http://greatarchitect.us

Thank you,
-Great Architect Admin

Great Architect | Casual PvX [WvW, sPvP, Dungeons, World Bosses, Living Story]
Multi-Game | Mumble | Live Streamers | Newbie Friendly

lookint for a casual pve guild

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Posted by: takkattak.1974


Hey there!

Jaded [Jade] is a fairly well established casual PvX guild that has been on Darkhaven since launch.

Our leaders have a lot of experience with mmos and have been together for years. We are a family-style guild looking to form long-term friendships through PvE and PvP. We have a brand new website! a Facebook and a vent (however we use the server teamspeak for wvw).

We are looking for people who want to have fun and hang out together. We like to have an active chat and a community of helpful members that are willing to go out of their way for each other.

Even if you aren’t on Darkhaven you can still hang out in guild chat with us, guest with us now and then or run some dungeons cross server until you feel we are worth the transfer :p

Things you can expect from joining Jaded:
-friendly guildies
-scheduled events every night to give you something to do
-dungeon parties
-PvP, both WvW and Structured
-guild trek, bounty and rush every week
-new friends
-an abnormal love for Quaggans

Some of our Guild Boosts include:
-10% Magic Find boost at all times
-15% Karma Boost on Mondays
-+5 supply on WvW night

Jaded has 150 members mostly comprised of people between the ages of 18 and 81. We are most active during North American evenings. check out our calendar on our website to see our schedule of weekly events.

If we sound like the right home for you apply on our website or try to get a hold of us in game

Takiya Delyll
Arentide Delyll
Luto Locke

Senior Officers:
Kaira Riversong
Duh General
Lucien Blackmoon

Insanity Splice

Hope to see you in game

Takiya Delyll — Mesmer
Jaded [JADE] co-leader

lookint for a casual pve guild

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Posted by: revx.4378


Hi Cubia,

Perhaps I might interest you in my guild, Pandora’s Mighty Soldiers [PMS], which is situated on Yak’s Bend. We’re a small group, with about 15 active, so you’ll definitely get to know everyone quite quickly.

You can get more details about us from this forum post or you can go directly to our website.

If you have any questions regarding anything, feel free to shoot me a PM here or in game.

Take care, and happy travels!

PMS|H2O Guild Wars 2 Division Co-Leader

lookint for a casual pve guild

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Posted by: Deadnight.5948


SOR – [BURN] recruiting SEA PVX

[BURN] is new guild recruiting mature and laidback players who enjoys PVE and WVW havoc after working hours.
We are looking for members to grow the guild together.

Prime time: 8:30p.m(+8gmt) or 5:30am server time.

Main language: English
Others: Canton, Mandarin

Highly recommend:
-Just want to have a fun and good time in WvW (nothing too hardcore)
-Sociable people who want to make new friends.
-Casual PVE and fractals.
-People who are new to this game.

Send me a mail if you are interested.

lookint for a casual pve guild

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Posted by: Drakenvold.9761


hi there
we would like to count you in our ranks,see our site and forum and apply when you can,PM me here or in game to Berengir ,we have site/forum and ventrillo/skype and daily fractal runs and weekend guild bounty,we are the answer to the trend in the guilds now where your level and gear count more than you do,we are in Ring of Fire

For the vanguard


lookint for a casual pve guild

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Posted by: Neksis Syxx.6983

Neksis Syxx.6983

Just Us Grown ups [JUGs] is a very friendly, drama-free guild which is comprised of people 30 yr.s old and older (min. age 25).

We have an even mix of male and female players and welcome both new and veteran players. We place a high value on community. We have a fantastic website and a fully upgraded guild of over 100 members.

Here is our recruiting post on these forums.


Just Us Grown Ups [JUGs] – http://jugs-guild.com
Contact: Neksis Syxx.6983 Archranis.2375

(edited by Neksis Syxx.6983)