[Suggestion] Legendary essences of luck

[Suggestion] Legendary essences of luck

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Posted by: MithranArkanere.8957


When players reach higher luck levels, essences of luck no longer feel as rewarding as before.
500 luck is something you can easily get by salvaging a few Fine items, after all.

Why not making them give also a small percentage % of the current luck bar? Something like 10%.

10% a month is not that much at lower levels when 500 luck is still noticeable, but it’ll be much more noticeable and rewarding when the other essences no longer raise luck that much. And just 120% of a bar a year won’t get anyone’s luck maxed in little time.

That will keep legendary essences of luck rewarding at all levels of account-wide luck.

Oh, and I know some people could be tempted on hoarding them them to use them at higher levels to make the most of the 10% boosts. You can only get 12 of these a year, but if that’s a problem, the effect could be added directly like exp and coins when the monthly chest is opened. Same with karma. Why are we getting the karma in a bottle is it can’t be traded and there’s no reason to hoard them, anyways?

No exceptions!

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[Suggestion] Legendary essences of luck

in Guild Wars 2 Discussion

Posted by: Stonish.7532


I’d also be glad of adding ascended essence of luck to the crafting station. Would save up loads of space in my bank as I got a lot of exotic stacks.

Also we do not know what plans do ANet have that involves Essences of Luck in any way. Once you reach max MF, you can still use luck and it will get added to your progress bar – why? Is that a bug or maybe for reason? For what reason if so?

Essence of luck is also a crafting material. There is no cooking and jewelery till 500 yet – will we see its use in those 2 proffesions? A lot of questions is not answered and most likely we’ll not get the answers just yet. Or maybe never…