Living World Season 2 Complete Package

Living World Season 2 Complete Package

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Posted by: MinerBob.5312


So I noticed in the gem store there is a “Living World Season 2 Complete Package” and my first question is: how do I know if this was (or was not) included when I bought the deluxe package? Is there any way to tell, in-game, whether I have the content?

It says the package includes:

  • Gates of Maguuma
  • Entanglement
  • The Dragon’s Reach (Parts 1 and 2)
  • Echos of the Past
  • Tangled Paths
  • Seeds of Truth
  • Point of No Return

Considering that it is 1280 gems, I want to make sure I do not have it already.

Is this all content for level 80s?

Thanks in advance for your replies.

Living World Season 2 Complete Package

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Posted by: Phoebe Ascension.8437

Phoebe Ascension.8437

There’s only two ways to get this content MinerBob. Log in while it lasted for each seperated two week content patch, or buy it in gemstore. There is no ‘all in one’ package at the moment offering this + the game. So yes you will have to pay those gems (or farm them ingame, aprox 220g i think).

So no you don’t have this content already, unless you logged on during that time. You can see it in your hero panel. You either select living story OR personal story (living story gives purple markers. It’s the ‘Story Journal’ star like icon. You should have personal story in there, and normally nothing like ‘living story seaon two’. If that’s the case, you should buy the package.

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Living World Season 2 Complete Package

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Posted by: Donari.5237


I’m going to guess you don’t already have it. I’ve seen reports from people that the package is much less in price than that, and it turns out they only had 2 chapters locked to buy; it scales based on how many you still have locked.

A way to check would be to log in to game on any level 80 alt and go to your Personal Story tab on your Hero Panel. If the Season Two stuff shows up there as available to activate, you have it.

Also, when did you buy the Deluxe? The package deal is fairly recent, you should be able to google when it debuted. If you bought your Deluxe before then, it’s certainly not included. (And now that I think about it, what did your Deluxe say was included? I’d think it would have mentioned an LS2 package as one of the goodies if it came with that).

Living World Season 2 Complete Package

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Posted by: Randulf.7614


Ls2 has never been bundled with the core game.

You are safe to buy and yes it is for lvl 80. Be warned, ls1 is not included either nor is it available at all so u will have a story gap in game. There are other threads on that subject tho.

Living World Season 2 Complete Package

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Posted by: Zelu.1692


Hey Miner Bob,

If you open your Hero panel and check under your character story you should be able to see which Living Story #2 episodes are already accessible or not for you.

But anyway do not worry: the gem price for the LS2 bundle is scaled according to what you already have.

I stopped playing about a year ago, but still occasionally logged in every so often so I ended up having two-third of LS2 accessible for free already. The gem price of the bundle was automatically scaled down to something like 360 gems for me (it was the price I was quoted in the gem store). So if you buy the bundle, Anet will only charge you for the episodes you are missing.

Hope this helps.


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