"I'd really like this..." [Gifting Strangers]

"I'd really like this..." [Gifting Strangers]

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Posted by: Talecgosa.7326


Greetings fellow Tyrians
First, I would be remiss if I did not thank the creator(s) of this thread. It is a very worthy idea and by perusing the posts, I can see that it really does spread some cheer around. I’m keeping my eye out for things i can help with, but alas I’m quite poor both in and outside the game. However! I would be happy to help with non-monetary requests. In particular, I love exploration and achievements, so I’m always glad to help with things such as Mastery/HP farming, exploration/map completion, achievements, Personal/Living Story, etc. I am also happy to answer gameplay questions from newbies or returning players (or anyone really). These are the ways in which I am able to give back/help out, so please message/mail me In-Game if I can be of help!

My Request:
- Black Lion Keys! Even one is plenty! My guildmates can attest that I’m a little kid on Christmas when opening BL Chests; I simply adore it! The let-down from lame drops smothered by squees of happiness when I get something really awesome: it really is like a tiny Christmas in each box!

I’m especially trying to get the Mini Dwayna’s Messenger! Thanks to the RNG gods I was able to snag the gorgeous Feathers of the Zephyr pack, so my ranger is kitted out in full Dwayna Regalia, Glider/Backpack, LB and Staff! The mini would be the finishing touch (guess who my favorite deity is??). Also this BL chest also has two of my fav weapon sets: Dwayna’s and Daydreamer, so any chance to get one of those would make my day!

- The other thing is any donation of T6 mats or Amalgamated Gemstones would be great, as I’m at the final tier of Chuka & Champawat. But there’s no rush on that!

Thank you for taking the time to read this. I wish you happy adventures wherever you go!

"I'd really like this..." [Gifting Strangers]

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Posted by: Majirah.5089


Hello Benefactors of GW2,

I saw this thread when I started playing about a year ago and thought it was great. I have just started the process of crafting a legendary. I am NOT requesting a legendary or precursor. I am having fun doing the achievements and crafting for it.

What I would like to request is some help with some materials. I am realizing just how much is required. The ones I am having trouble keeping up with is:

Elder Wood logs
Any T6 mat.

Any amount of any of those mats will definitely be used and very much appreciated. So, if anyone has any spare of any of those mats they would be greatly appreciated. I hope this was an appropriate way of requesting something and that it is reasonable.

I saw some others listing it, but not sure if needed: NA server (Stormbluff Isle).


"I'd really like this..." [Gifting Strangers]

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Posted by: Kodiak.4213


Hey folks!

I just finished map exploration on my second toon in NA and received my gifts of exploration. I’m not sure what i’m going to go for, but i feel the itch coming on that a legendary is in my future. Any help with Mithril Ore, Elder Wood Logs, T6 mats or mystic curios would be much appreciated!


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"I'd really like this..." [Gifting Strangers]

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Posted by: ButterOfDeath.2873


I’m an altoholic, i’m not able to stick with one profession for more than a week.
One character expansion slot would help me fuel my addiction even further.

Plus i was planning to level a revenant from 0 with a friend and it’d suck to delete my level 22 ranger.

"I'd really like this..." [Gifting Strangers]

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Posted by: Jaffawer.4932


EDIT: I really cannot belive it, but a very kind person really did help me out. Thank you again, random stranger! Your legacy will be remembered by the Raven.

Greetings fellows,

so… I’ve decided (finally after 5 years of playing GW2) to craft my first legendary weapon – Nevermore. Thanks to my gold and mats saving I’m almost done. I have the precursor, gift of nevermore and Mystic tribute (almost – just missing 30-or so clovers) ready. Pretty much the only thing that really prevents me from finishing it are the Amalgamated gemstones. So far I’ve managed to collect 60 out of 250 of them. I’m really getting worried that with the upcoming expansion it will become very difficult to find enough people for reliable HoT amalg farm, not to mention the increase in price. So yeah… donations of amalgamated gemstones would be immensly helpful and greatly appreciated.

Thank you.

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"I'd really like this..." [Gifting Strangers]

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Posted by: Alerisya.3546


EDIT: A friend of mine hooked it up. Thanks to all the helpful people out there.
Hello, fellow denizens of Tyria!

I would just really like the Wedding Attire Outfit. Recently, I bought gems to purchase that item, but I accidentally bought the Heavy Zodiac Armor. Not realizing I made that mistake, I converted the leftover gems to gold. While support was great in giving me a refund, I couldn’t afford to buy the wedding dress after getting those gems back.

Thanks, and see you all in game.

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"I'd really like this..." [Gifting Strangers]

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Posted by: SidewayS.3789


Edit : A very kind person has gave me those 96 Charged Lodestone. Thank you and me and my daughter will always remember.

Greetings benefactors ! This is my first time seeing this topic, even though i’m playing for almost 5 years.
I started, to craft for my daughter character, Sunrise. Its the only legendary, she likes…I invested my gold/laurels for T6 mats and of course the cursed Mystic Clovers and after i spend most of my gold for MC, and now i’m left broken to craft Gift of Light and more specific Charged Lodestones. I already have 4 but still i need 96 for the gift.If anyone who wants to make a father proud, for gifting my daughter the Sunrise, if you have some spare Charged Lodestones, will be just perfect.
Thank you for reading this ! o/

[Main]Kappy Ry – Asura Guardian [~You are all,Bookahs !!!~]
[Second Main]Korvus Mistreaver – Charr Revenant [~I’m blind not deaf~]
[Third Main] Vladdz – Asura Engineer [~In due times, all will serve asura~]

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"I'd really like this..." [Gifting Strangers]

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Posted by: Quantumcat.9315


Hello nice people!

I would love to have some of those self-style hair mods. Not the full modification things, but the ones that just let you re-do your hair with access to the new styles that can only be gotten through the barbers.

Thanks to you all, regardless of outcome. Just seeing something like this makes me feel good about the community of the game!

-I had asked about more character slots, but thinking about it my alt-o-haulic addiction is already over-fed here, so I’d rather ask for the hair-mod things Thanks all!

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"I'd really like this..." [Gifting Strangers]

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Posted by: Zoria.1392


Amalgamated Gemstones are what I am asking for help with. ***Update: Someone was kind enough to donate 10 to me. They wanted to remain anonymous. I’m still working on the rest, could still use help.

I started this game in Beta 1 and have always wanted a legendary weapon. Unfortunately I was taken out of the game for long periods, twice; when I lost my home/belongings in Superstorm Sandy and then due to lengthy health issues.

I am doing the HoT metas but would have to be in there months beyond PoF and it would eat up much of my game time. I tried the mystic forge but have to buy the mats which costs just as much as buying the amalgamated outright. All the other steps wiped out my gold/mats and I am not in the position to keep buying gems. I only have 26 out of the 250. If anyone has any to spare to get me closer that would mean so much to me.


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"I'd really like this..." [Gifting Strangers]

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Posted by: takatsu.9416


Wow what a great idea and community spirit.

I’m not one to ask for things usually but lately my savings have been running out both irl and in game lol! I’m not going to ask for anything crazy, it just doesn’t feel right but most realistically, I keep running out of bag space on my main and have focused all my gold and so on to working on gear/builds… bag and bank space I realized is so necessary even for putting that work in for goals

- any 20 slot (what’s the max?) bags or 1 or 2 20 slot invisible bags would help!

- or a bank tab expander

Thanks so much in advance!! will update my post asap if any kind soul helps!

"I'd really like this..." [Gifting Strangers]

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Posted by: weihanaw.8107



i’m not a person who usually asks for things but if i could have something, i would really love to have just 1 glider skin which isn’t the default glider, any skin would make me extremely happy and if i really got one, i’ll try to help with future requests.
thanks in advance!!

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