Nerf Ventari Rev

Nerf Ventari Rev

in PvP

Posted by: Vyrulisse.1246


Funny few days ago I had a ventari rev on my team, he keep dying and didn’t hold any point the whole match.
The next match that same ventari rev was in the enemy team was the easiest win we had, he couldn’t survive against CC.
I don’t see whats the problem with ventari rev seriously, ppl just need to learn to use theirs skills, rev can knockback every 10 sec? so what? just cc him a few times he will go down fast.
git gud ppl

You just watch for the tablet. He uses all his energy for a knockback and can't do anything else really. Shock factor is a reason for a lot of frustrations I think but Ventari Rev is a one trick pony if they concentrate on spamming knockback.

Nerf Ventari Rev

in PvP

Posted by: sephiroth.4217


reallllllllly? They got sssooooo many things to fix before this lolllll Rev had they share of nerfs almost to the point of not playable calm your tits

It is by far the most silly bunker build you can play at the moment, so your point seems to be void

look at Brazils video:

the caption in top left sums this up perfectly. “the players are bad”, not the rev being OP.

I don’t get the issue with this Rev build but I play a staff ele so not sure if thats considered counter build or not. I mostly just nuke the point in AoE and then make sure they stay in the AoE with my Immobs, push backs, static fields, lines and chills and if it’s a stalemate because they can actually play then I rely on decapping with Air and holding em off point with earth. Use Air 2 when they drop the tablet and you won’t get pushed back either.

I mostly play for the new Free-For-All arena in PvP lobby.
….. And Elementalist.

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