New to game, Elementalist PvP questions

New to game, Elementalist PvP questions

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Posted by: BlueEyes.6832


Hey everyone,
I’ve just started playing the game, in previous MMO’s I’m usually mainly into the pvp side of things. I usually find myself enjoying frost/ice mages the most: step up water build elementalist. Now I know almost nothing about the GW2 pvp meta, and my question is, is a water build a viable pvp setup? If so, does anyone have any tips? Thanks in advance!

New to game, Elementalist PvP questions

in PvP

Posted by: sephiroth.4217


Water is a must have for Elementalist. I assume you refer to the traits?

Best tips I can give for a new Elementalist in PvP is to learn your role in PvP before trying to make up other builds. That role is support bunker for now, it could change with the expansion.

You probably want a build similar to this

that should help you get started. It’s important to learn rotations and effect combinations such as blasting fields, elementalist rely on it.

If you meant you want to make a mage that mostly uses water and frost skills, I’m afraid you may be out of luck as water is considered a support/healing attunement and does not put out enough damage to be viable.

The most viable option you have in that aspect is the Frost bow. It comes with a little bit of damage and CC.

I mostly play for the new Free-For-All arena in PvP lobby.
….. And Elementalist.

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