[Suggestion] Profession dailies

[Suggestion] Profession dailies

in PvP

Posted by: MithranArkanere.8957


Every day, when I queue with a profession required by a daily achievement, it’ll take ages compared with the others. And often teams have way too many of those professions.

PvP Profession dailies can’t be the same for everyone. Unlike PvE and WvW dailies that direct people towards the same content to work together, PvP profession dailies should aim to diversify the profession pool. But currently they instead homogenize it.

Changing the dailies to 2 different professions each didn’t work. It’s not as bad as it was before, but it’s still bad.

Because of this, achievements need to be improved so it’s possible to have accounts with different daily achievements than other accounts. Profession dailies should be random to diversify professions as much as possible.

But we can’t force non-free players to have to do dailies of professions they may not have to get at least 3 dailies. That would not feel good for them.

And so, what I think the best change for them would be this:

  • A daily random profession picked between the 4 most played professions of the account.
  • A daily random profession picked between the 5 least played professions of the account.

This will make sure there won’t be much more of the 4 daily professions, as they’ll be different for everyone. And would also make sure that if you have at least the 5 slots that come with a paid account, you can always do 3 dailies, while giving players reasons to walk the ‘path less traveled’ and try professions they don’t try as much as others.

Having a mechanic that allows different achievements for different accounts may have other uses in the future too. For example, if WvW defense rewads ever become reasonable, there could be different achievements for defending defending and attacking specific locations instead just a blanket one for defending, and specific ones for attacking.

Also, they require a single win. Instead, they should require to either win 1 match or participate in 3, so players don’t have to resort to gimmicks like going to hotjoin and forcing rebalanced to get dailies done if they can’t win matches.

Same for all other PvP Conqueror achievements without the word ‘Champion’ in its name that can be increased outside ranked/unranked. For those, and only those, instead counting just wins, they should require 3 times as many points (existing coutns would be triplicated), but count wins as 3 points, and loses as 1. Champion achievements would still require only wins.

Of course, some less than honorable players could try and lose on purpose to get them done sooner. But to deal with that that kind of behavior there should be a proper AFK/Leeching/Match manipulation/Intentionally feeding report option to scare them (even if it doesn’t do anything they don’t have to know, just being there would work as a deterrent).

No exceptions!