Your dream WvW patch notes

Your dream WvW patch notes

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Posted by: Grav.3568


Put your Anet hat on and imagine you were writing the WvW patch notes of your dreams. Here’s mine:

Since the only real reason to transfer servers is for WvW, we’ve decided to incorporate the server’s Glicko score into the transfer cost, as well as the player’s individual WvW experience:

cost = max(serverGlicko – 1000,0) x 2 + playerWXP x 5

This means a PvEr can transfer to a T8 server for potentially nothing, while experienced WvWers looking at T1 will have to fork out as much as 3000 gems to get there. The idea is to break up the existing numerical logjam in the upper tiers and try to spread people around the servers a bit better.

We are also going to increase the time between point ticks during off-hours. From midnight to 6am server time, point ticks will be 30 minutes apart instead of the usual 15. This change is specifically aimed at nerfing servers that specialise in nightcapping. You may own the majority of territory during that time, but you’ll get fewer points for it since it takes you less effort to hold it during that time.

Commander tags are in for an overhaul. We are refunding everyone the 100g for their existing commander tags, and replacing them with WvW-specific ones that cost 2000 badges instead. PvErs can still buy a PvE-only tag for 100 gold if they wish, but instead of a blue dorito, theirs looks more like a pink taco.

Other changes we’re bringing in:

- For every player in excess of the first 25 in the vicinity (the same vicinity that calculates orange swords), all players in that vicinity lose 1% on all their stats. Zerging should be a last resort, not the first.
- Golems are now limited to 5 per type per side per map. You can still golem rush, you just can’t be kittened about it anymore.
- We’ve removed the unique names from all towers and camps and replaced them with generic names based on cardinal directions. Nobody was using them anyway.
- All siege within the walls of a tower or keep can now be refreshed by talking to the claim lord NPC. Siege refreshed in this way will persist for 3 hours instead of 1.
- Damaged siege can now be repaired with supply.
- The 30 second contested delay has been removed from camps. They were just too easy to flip.
- Repel events have been added to the daily achievement rotation. Defenders are people, too.
- When a player takes part in successfuly capturing a camp, all enemy NPCs at all other camps on the map become invulnerable to that player for a minimum of 5 minutes. This is to discourage roamers who do nothing but flip camps round and round for hours on end. Seriously, is your life that dull?
- /team chat now has an MOTD feature. This message can be set by any commander, and it will appear to any player as soon as they load on a WvW map, repeating every hour on borderlands maps and every 15 minutes on EBG; they need the extra reminding there.
- Players gain one free WXP re-spec with every 10 WXP ranks they gain. We realise the WXP system was pretty dumb in retrospect, but it’s too late now; at least players can now make the best of it as they see fit.
- The dolyak escort at NE camp now actually works 100% of the time.
- All dolyak escorts increase in level for each person attacking them. They will also no longer despawn if their dolyak dies before they do, but instead gain another 3 levels and will chase their attackers.
- Swiftness from Temporal Curtain now stacks with other sources of swiftness. We didn’t fix this earlier because it goes against our policy of nerfing mesmers with every patch, but we finally ran out of things to nerf.

Finally, what would an Anet patch be without some useless fluff? New titles are also on their way, now with an added twist. These titles are earned by performing certain actions in WvW, and will display on your character for the next 7 days and cannot be removed. Amongst others, they include:

- participating in a fight involving 50 or more players and winning: “Zerg buster”.
- participating in a fight involving 50 or more players and losing: “Roflstomped”.
- using 5 or more emotes within 60 seconds: “Emo”.
- using a treb on Bay from SW tower: “Boring”.
- spending more than an hour inside SW tower: “Burger eater”.
- receive free supply from Siegerazer: “Lazy”.
- warriors who escape combat using a greatsword: “kitten”.

These titles also stack, so it will be possible to become a “Boring Roflstomped Emo kitten”.

What’s yours?

Your dream WvW patch notes

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Posted by: Cosmin.1283


- We have upgraded our servers. No more skill lag.
- We have disabled the AoE cap.
- The very long promised new maps are finally coming in this patch. They are very large in order to discourage blobbing and to promote roaming with small and medium groups.
- We are introducind GvG arenas, which can field teams up to 25 players. Also they got place for as many spectators as possible.
Not very long patch notes for me. Maybe they will be in the future patch notes in maybe 3,4 years.

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Your dream WvW patch notes

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Posted by: Wompage.4586


- We have added GvG arenas
- We have removed all siege from the game
- We have removed all objective upgrades from the game
- We have upgraded our servers, the end of skill lag is finally here
- We will be locking all threads related to the AoE cap
- We hope you enjoy your new fighting experience, have fun roaming

Soulorai –

Your dream WvW patch notes

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Posted by: Radios.6950


- created a new PPT system that starts @ a set number of points. Points are added for capturing objectives, killing players, killing yaks. Points are subtracted from server A when server B or C captures an objective held by sever A.
- AC now observe LOS rules.
- Tower and Keep walls extend higher as they level. This should give defenders a slight advantage in defending.
- Skritt and Centaurs are removed. BL lakes are frozen over. Vendors and crafting areas are removed from keeps and added to a new keep that has been built on the island that existed in the center of the lake. The crafting areas here include a +% bonus.

Your dream WvW patch notes

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Posted by: Caliburn.1845


-Lag fixed.
-Down state removed from WvW.
-AoE cap removed from most damage spells.
-Getting hit by a treb results in instant death.
-Orbs returned to the game. They now grant 10PPT, but will rapidly destroy the defenses and structures of any building they are placed in.
-Slight tripod added to ballistas rising its firing height.
-Arrowcarts are now line of sight.
-Unique skins and items attainable only in WvW.
-More attainable WvW achievements and titles.
-Greek Fire added to WvW vendors. Grenade kit equipable by all professions. It creates an uncurable damage dealing condition that increases and spreads exponentially based on the number of enemy players stacked in tight proximity.
-A system of complex tunnels has been discovered underneath the borderlands that accesses all the keeps and towers on the map. Only ten players per server are allowed in the tunnels at a time due to risk of tunnel collapse. Traps, chokepoints, gates, canyons, and darkness await anyone brave enough to venture downward. But if strong enough they might resurface in an enemy keep.
-WvW match-ups now offer substantially greater rewards to the winner server.
-Extensive statistics tracking added to WvW. Including man-hours played by server. WvW kills by server. WvW deaths by server. Number of siege equipment deployed by server. Average player lifespan on server.
-New rewards added for guilds that upgrade and hold structures for longer than 12 hours.

Caliburn.1845, Monsters Inc.
Darkhaven>Dragonbrand>Blackgate>Maguuma>Yaks Bend>Stormbluff Isle>Yaks Bend

Your dream WvW patch notes

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Posted by: Caliban.3176


-We’ve decided that we actually want the players to use and hone the skills that are specific to their character. For this reason we are removing arrowcarts. We are very sorry for screwing up so monstruously with that buff a couple of months back. We have identified the culprits and have punished them. They are now responsible for the living story content and will never be able to harm your WvW anymore.

-All masteries that give a competitive edge are now removed. Instead of those you can spend your points into ranks that give you several cosmetic changes like skins for tower banners you claim, unlock skins for weapons and other fun stuff that doesn’t bother anyone.

-Most of the PvE mobs are gone, especially along the big highways of the game. You will no longer lag behind because of combat speed or have enemies rally of drakes when they engage you in an awkward spot. As a bonus we’ve also got rid of all the mobs near the windmill.

-Speaking of the windmill, there are minor adjustments to the terrain. There is now a clear battlefield and people can now stand on the cliff to spectate but the only way to walk up there is from the sides. While our gameformat was not created for what is now know as Nancy in the community, we thought that these minor changes might be fun for the people who enjoy it. It was hardly any trouble for us and it would just be cruel for us to deny you this any longer.

-The spectator’s cliff I just spoke about is only accessible for people who haven’t been in combat for 1 minute. Entering this cliff forces you into your townclothes.

-We’ve slightly adjusted drop rates for certain things. Precursors are more likely to drop and you will receive less spikes. Upscaled players will no drop higher level loot, no more [Tiny Lootbags].

-A spot on the borderland is now accountbound. After leaving the borderland you have 2 minutes to get back in and it is possible to go back in with another character. People who crash can do the same if they are fast enough.

P.S. No more lag, you’re welcome.

7.2k+ hours played on Minesweeper

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Your dream WvW patch notes

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Posted by: Urrid.4593


Some of these “ideas” would make me upset lol. That said -

That said here are my

Imaginary WvW Patch Notes:

- A New Commander Tags system! Private tags! Colors, oh my!

- A New visual tags option have been added to the graphics tab.

- Party UI fix: players now have the proper party management options in WvW. Kick DC’ed players!

- Players can now respec their WxP ranks every three months. New characters start out with one respec available. Players can only ever have one respec in “reserve” at any one time.

- Downed Players can rally -once- every minute.

- Dead Players will be automatically release to their respective team spawns after 3 minutes.

- Players can only be ressurect other players in WvW if they are out of combat.

- Adjusted loot tables for player kills. WvW Rank chests always contain 1 yellow as well as another random piece of loot. Ascended and Precursor loot have been slightly tweaked to be more favorable.

- A new team specific debuff has been added to WvW. Muddy Terrain: If more than 25 players are in an area of 2000 units, those affected players receive a 33% speed debuff. Debuff lasts for 30s. It cannot be removed. Players must spread out to not continuously acquire this debuff.

- Some NPC monsters have been reduced in number. Less polar bears will maul your behind on your way to Hills Keep.

- All the Keeps and Towers have received a texturing overhaul! Say goodbye to terrible UV mapping and hello to nice pretty textures. Because you’re worth it! Floating banner posts near sentries have been adjusted to look better.

- All Keeps and Towers have several new weak points that players can siege! New defensive siege points have been added to help protect these new more vulnerable walls.

- Several annoying invulnerable spots near team specific borders have been tweaked.

- Crafting Tables, Centaurs, Skritt, Spiders and Quaggan areas have been removed from the map.

- The Borderlands Jumping Puzzle has been moved to the Obsidian Sanctum.

- Obsidian Sanctum now has its own WvW Tab. Join directly from the WvW menu.

- Player Spawn Zones have been drastically reduced and tower positions have been adjusted. Several new siege points have been added to Bay Keep and Hills Keep to accommodate this change and still allow the types of sieges players have enjoyed in the past.

- The new Lowlands Garrison has taken place of the lake. The map has been slightly adjusted to accommodate this structure. Borderlands overall PPT potential has been adjusted to reflect this change.

- New WvW Specific Siege skins have been added to the Gem Store! These skins are 600 gems each and players can apply them via the new WvW styles tab found in their wallet next to the Finisher Tab. These skins are unlimited use.

- New WvW Tower and Keep themes have been added to the Gem Store! Dire Theme, Celestial Theme, Deep Woods Theme, Magma Theme, Stockade Theme, as well as many others. These themes last 72 hours and cost 800 gems. These themes can be applied to two structures at a time.

- Keeps, Towers and Camps can only be claimed by a guild if that guild has an active buff.

- Keep and Tower banners are more prominent. Players can click on the banners to see which guild has claimed the structure.


I could do this all day.

Coral -Mesmer- Omnomnivore and TC’er.

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Your dream WvW patch notes

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Posted by: mickers.2715


food is now banned from WvW.

I like the sound of no rallying off of pve mobs in WvW.

Your dream WvW patch notes

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Posted by: Immolator.5640


‘When >20 enemies are detected outside a server’s spawn area for longer than 10 minutes in Eternal Battlegrounds and no structures are owned, an npc Legendary Uberpwnzorkommandant Hodor will spawn along with his bodyguards Siegerazer and Siegecrusher and their respective Dolyaks, these will then proceed to storm every structure on the spawn camped server’s third of the battlegrounds, Superior Arrow Carrs within 1,500 range of Legendary Uberpwnzorkommandant Hodor will self-destruct for 20k AoE damage. Supply pulses of 5 will be given to allies within range of Legendary Uberpwnzorkommandant Hodor’s presence buff at 30 second intervals, and siege build sites will appear as they do with other breakout events. For every less ally player detected in 5,000 range than enemy players, two veteran quaggan npcs will spawn. Siegerazer and Siegecrusher will continue with their generic phrases whilst Legendary Uberpwnzorkommandant Hodor will shout his name sporadically.

Oh and we’ll remove skill lag’

Commander Ezekiel The Paladin
Underworld Battalion [WvW] Leader (retired) – Gandara [EU]
All Is Vain

Your dream WvW patch notes

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Posted by: Lance.5892


-Removing all siege from game with exception to rams and catas
-Towers and Keeps, gate and wall health reduced
-New map, w/ multiple king of the hill objectives with 40 player cap per side per objective
-transfer costs based on wvw population based on queue times and coverage
-skill lag eliminated
-server side networking and routing issues eliminated
-server matchups are reset every 6 hours, eliminating all notions of coverage and night/day capping
-PvE mobs removed
-all guards and champions removed
-private guild raid commander tags unable to be seen by non-guildies added
-15v15/20v20 guild vs. guild added w/ a ranked ladder and both a ranked and unranked queue system resetting entirely every 3 months, ranked gvg matches can be spectated publicly game wide (sound familiar anybody?) Unranked matchups are based on ranked mmr, private gvg arenas for tournaments and scrimmages also added
-increased monetary rewards on kill/loot
-the cooldown on heal for food with 66% chance to heal on crit is removed
-Non level 80 characters barred from playing in the borderlands, eternal battlegrounds is fine


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Your dream WvW patch notes

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Posted by: Fizwitz.8240


- No rallying off of NPC’s
- Killing a player can only revive up to 5 people
- Skill Lag removed (If possible)
- Golem Mastery
- Treb mastery (already coming)
- A change to the maps/New maps
- Party UI fixed
- Structures can only be claimed if they have upgrades. Claimed things without upgrades will be automatically unclaimed after 1 minute and become unclaimable by the same guild for another 5 minutes.
- Walls get higher as you get more upgrades
- Increase AoE cap from 5 to 10
- Guild commander tags
- A new siege equipment (I don’t have any ideas but as long as its balanced)
- Dead players are forced to spawn after 2-3 minutes.
- A slight height advantage bonus (+3 to 5% crit chance if you have a height advantage)

- – -
I don’t want siege to be removed from WvW, I like how it currently is with that.


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Your dream WvW patch notes

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Posted by: kelman.9451


SKILL LAG FIXED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Your dream WvW patch notes

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Posted by: TheAmpca.1753


You did have a few nice ideas in there, but a lot of your ideas are just plain stupid or don’t fix the problems you have. Like the one that targets zerging and the one that targets camp flippers, just NO. Those two ideas are HORRIBLE, people should not be punished for having a preferred playstyle because you don’t like it. People should be encourage to do every sort of playstyle that they want, not discouraged to do them all.

Your dream WvW patch notes

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Posted by: Troj.7940


I have two:

Remove skill ability delay lag

OR Remove the ability for a blob to instantly rez downed people so they never loose, so when you kill 4 or 5 of the slackers you actually thin their numbers down and have a CHANCE of winning.

My second suggestion will stop blobs growing and growing and out rezzing your damage when outnumbered.

Your dream WvW patch notes

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Posted by: Troj.7940


I will clarify my point and would like to point out that specific incombat REZ utilitys are perfectly fine. The issue I have is rez speed combined with the aoe cap (5 people standing on the person you downed and unable to finish with ranged damage).

The only skill you need in GW2 is to stack and spam INTERACT atm.

Your dream WvW patch notes

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Posted by: roamzero.9486


-Massive performance improvements

-Acct bound WxP

-New temporary buffs that can be purchased for honor badges, minor effects which get stronger the more you are individually outnumbered in battle (i.e., 10% movement speed boost for 1h, +10% movement speed for each enemy outnumbering allies in a 600 radius(max 5), -10% condition duration reduction, -10% duration or each enemy outnumbering allies in a 600 radius, etc)

-The lakes in the borderlands have now been drained, and with Asuran technology floating gauntlet arenas have been placed inside. Spend badges to queue up challenges against players on the opposing servers, win badges and points for your server for consecutive victories. A network of underground tunnels/bridges has also been placed to allow movement across the lake area.

-Players can no longer use teleport doors to enter keeps while in combat, to compensate additional teleport doors/backdoors have been added to each keep.

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Your dream WvW patch notes

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Posted by: Kai.9182


Skill lag fixed.

Ability to purchase backpiece and trinket ascended items after x amount of wvw ranks (100 levels or something? And not with any stupid kitten laurels)

Your dream WvW patch notes

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Posted by: Requiem.8769


You did have a few nice ideas in there, but a lot of your ideas are just plain stupid or don’t fix the problems you have. Like the one that targets zerging and the one that targets camp flippers, just NO. Those two ideas are HORRIBLE, people should not be punished for having a preferred playstyle because you don’t like it. People should be encourage to do every sort of playstyle that they want, not discouraged to do them all.

Oh. In that case, my preferred playstyle involves a magical flying unicorn that carries me into any tower or keep, at which point the enemies immediately defect to my side and build a shrine in my honor. Additionally, my steed can poo on demand, and rain death from above whilst I stay out of range.
It’s my preferred playstyle. Don’t discourage it.
Make it happen Anet.

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Your dream WvW patch notes

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Posted by: Menaka.5092


- Players gain one free WXP re-spec with every 10 WXP ranks they gain.

10 feels a bit low, I would say every 30, 50 or 100.

-Arrowcarts are now line of sight.
-Unique skins and items attainable only in WvW.
-More attainable WvW achievements and titles.
-WvW match-ups now offer substantially greater rewards to the winner server.
-Extensive statistics tracking added to WvW. Including man-hours played by server. WvW kills by server. WvW deaths by server. Number of siege equipment deployed by server. Average player lifespan on server.

With the big issue of establishing what the reward for a winning server is.

- Several annoying invulnerable spots near team specific borders have been tweaked.

- Killing a player can only revive up to 5 people

I would say 5 people per server, considering you can have 3 way fights…

And now, my turn:


  • a new structure has been built by the krait in the middle of the lake in every borderland: capturing the krait keep unleashes the power of the storm on it. The storm slowly destroy the walls and gates of the keep, opening it to enemy attacks and requiring constant repairs to maintain sovereignity over it. The krait keep cannot be upgraded and once completely destroyed is unavailable for an hour, while the kraits reclaim it and rebuild the walls.
  • a new “fight difficulty” multiplier has been introduced: WXP and magic find for player kills will be influenced by the numerical difference of the opposing forces: a 20 man group wiping a 60 man zerg would get bonus WXP and magic find, while the 60 man zerg wiping a 20 man group would be punished, getting less than normal WXP and lower quality loot.
  • team chat (/team or /t) is now readable across all borderlands and the eternal battlegrounds, messages will be prefixed with the borderland of the player that wrote the message to avoid confusion
  • all projectile siege start with a finite amount of projectiles, after that amount has been used, they are disabled and require a 10 supply recharge
  • supply storage in keeps is now split between inner and outer depots, inner depot(s) can contain 1/3 of total supplies, outer depots contain the rest, once the external perimeter of the keep has been breached, depots become neutral and both defenders and invaders can take supplies from there
  • you can now easily spot more expert invaders: from rank 150 upwards, a medal (bronze, silver, gold, and so on) will display beside their name.
  • more achievements have been added and the existing achievement rewards have been updated to reflect the effort required to get each of them

Reaching the “legend” rank in each tier (rank 120, 570 and so on) will grant new rewards:

  • a new unique stomp finisher animation
  • the related title: “WuhWuh Legend”, “WuhWuh Bronze Legend”, and so on
  • access to a new vendor where you can exchange badges of honor for unique armor and weapon skins

New and improved commander interface:

  • commander messages have a different color in team and mapchat (wvw only). Commanders also have a different cooldown trigger for the spam filter (so they can write more than 3 times in a row, for example)
  • commanders can choose to join another commander, so a proper chain of command can be established
  • each commander can register up to 3 players as scouts: scouts will have a simple interface to report enemy sightings, keeps and towers under attack and so on
  • new map interface for commanders, bigger than the minimap, with the the reports from the scouts and tools to order where to go and what to do
  • commanders can now choose to show the tag on map for everyone or only for their guild

In an effort to spread out the population and achieve better coverage for all the servers and timezones:

  • on the world selection window, each player will receive a server suggestion based on server wvw populations/coverage requirements and coverage statistics from player’s past 4 weeks in wvw: he can transfer to the suggested world for a minimal fee or can choose another server for the usual fee.
  • based on similar coverage statistics, Guilds can apply for guild transfers: if applicable, they will receive a special discount for up to 50 members if they move to a suggested server. All guild upgrades, influence and merits are transfered aswell.

(ANet, I spent hours writing this, make me happy, make it happen!)

Your dream WvW patch notes

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Posted by: Elochai.1280


Many of these ideas are good or common sense, but I also see lots of bad ideas. For example:

Removing siege: Really? You want to scratch at the gates all day long?
Changing PPT for certain times: How about we don’t punish players who are on at another time. I’m glad anet came out and said what they did about night capping.
AoE cap removed: While being able to hit more players would be nice, being able to hit too many would be absurd and cause a number of balance issues.

Numerous others, but those are just some of them. Most of the ideas are still good. Think like a developer and other players and how changes will affect the game. These are some I would like to see. Some are repeats of course.

-Upgrade server system to deal with skill lag. I say server system because using multiple servers to run a WvW map could be just as effective.
-Make larger maps. For reasons others have stated and allows to more interesting terrain and capture points. I would also like all these maps to be different, but balanced for each side.
-Allow player kills to factor into overall score. I have ideas for this, but I doubt most people want to read a long winded post.
-Add different capture points with the new maps. Like capturing a beach front or a cliff that can be used to rain damage down on your enemies. These would usually be strategic positions that would generate a small garrison or camp for the side that holds it. Nothing huge just some small walls and some field siege. This would allow for more capture points and put splitting your forces on a more level playing field comparatively to zerging.
-Some balance changes to specifically help melee classes. They are already at a disadvantage by having to be in melee range. There are just too many unnecessary debuffs and effects that screw them over right now simply because they are in melee range. This could be seen as more of an sPVP thing, but it does apply to WvW as well.
-one last one. Fix the match up system. The one before was ok with it’s flaws. This current one is just terrible. If you have to put it on auto pilot you need something more complex that doesn’t have rng. The preferred method however would be something with a system in place like the previous one with some human intervention and changes to the scoring system to encourage participation throughout the week. Give us something that shows you as a player can individually help and good teamwork simply magnifies that contribution via multiple people.

I’m sure there are others, but those are some that I think most can agree would help with WvW in general.

Oh I can’t believe I forgot. Some form of UI for groups larger than 5 and for commanders. Add a target assist window so people can follow a few people for targets. Allow the leader to target mark others as well. Something as simple as what other games like LOTRO have. LOTRO probably isn’t doing as well as GW2 but it hands it its behind when it comes to group UI.

Elochai Rendar 80 Warrior/Anskar Rendar 80 Necromancer/Rylea Rendar 80 Thief/Kento Rendar 80 Ranger

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Your dream WvW patch notes

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Posted by: RashanDale.3609


- We will be locking all threads related to the AoE cap

this, please. this so much.

also, every thread with whining about the jumping puzzle and every post that has the phrase “have to go” or “need to go” should be deleted instantly.

but back to topic:
-Commander tag and functions updated
-reduced the Ecto/Laurel cost of ascended items. increased the badge-cost
-you are now able to buy upgrades with badges
-the missing ascended item stats have been implemented
-Guardians got hit by the nerfbat
-Revealed has been updated so permastealthing isnt possible anymore
-Arrow cart damage dealt to siege has been greatly reduced
-Arrow cart targeting has been updated so you cant shoot through roofs with it anymore
-line-of-sight calculation has been improved so you dont have to stay on the foremost pixel of a wall to attack something below you
-revive-speed of downed players has been reduced by 50%
-the downed penalty takes longer to wear off now
-completely dead players cant be revived in enemy structures
-dead players arent able to see enemies or hostile siege.
-ppl on your ignorelist cant use your siege
-the ridiculous stat bonuses of guard killer/guard defence have been removed/greatly reduced
-the +-40% cond.duration food buffs are nerfed to +/-10% to bring them in line with the other foods.

“Revenant is actual proof that devs read the necromancer forum” – Pelopidas.2140
Gunnar’s Hold

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Your dream WvW patch notes

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Posted by: Caliban.3176


Many of these ideas are good or common sense, but I also see lots of bad ideas. For example:

Removing siege: Really? You want to scratch at the gates all day long?

Trebs, mortars and arrowcarts have to go. The arrowcarts have to be nerfed at the very least to what they were before that stupid buff from a couple of months ago.
Trebs are too boring if built inside any structure. I’d agree with trebs if they did not allow to have trebs to be built in keeps or towers. Only open field trebs allowed and trebs should do more damage in that case.
Mortars need to go because they would stop people from going out to attack open field trebs. Buff cannon damage to golems to compensate.

Catapults and rams are fine. Rams could use a bit more health but it’s not a big issue.

7.2k+ hours played on Minesweeper

Your dream WvW patch notes

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Posted by: Cufufalating.8479


Each team now has a unique, new, borderland.

The maps now have more interesting terrain (things like mountain passes, maybe sneaky JP back routes, etc).

Bridges/dams/walls can be build in certain locations (the same way towers are upgraded now).

Ahhh yes… That would be good.

Cufufalating – Ranger / Part-Time Mesmer
Gunnar’s Hold

Your dream WvW patch notes

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Posted by: Iavra.8510


- Dead players can only be ressed while out of combat and will be forced to respawn after 3 minutes.
- Remove guard killer and defense against guards wxp traitlines or change them to not give actual stat bonuses.
- Gates can’t be damaged by anything except siege like walls.
- increased map sizes by 100% while keeping the population limit to stretch out zergs. This also means that trebs have to be built in more vulnerable places.
- removed the 30s delay before swords appear on the map.
- removed +25% movement speed signets across the board or give one to mesmers as well.
- some cosmetic stuff: new wvw exclusive finishers, siege skins, different commander colors etc available via wvw rank.

Your dream WvW patch notes

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Posted by: SleepingDragon.1596


Seems like a lot of folks wants the skill lag fixed. A request for GvG arenas is basically a request for a different element of a PvP section which is great since GvG should not be part of WvW. No more sieges? What’s the point of camps, towers, etc???!!!!? You just run around and cap points right? If that is the case, might as well do spvp or go back to guild wars 1 and do alliance battles. Best patch notes we can wish for is no lag, larger maps, integrate servers from EU and NA so just maybe we can minimize pvd….

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Your dream WvW patch notes

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Posted by: Chorazin.4107


- We have made some alterations to the downed state, once you have rallied or been brought back up by friendlies you will accrue the downed state debuff. This debuff will apply the standard loss of life and also have a 50% damage reduction attached to it. The debuff will last 30 seconds.

- We have removed mass rally, rally will operate on a 1 for 1 basis, we have also removed the ability to rally off mobs in WvW unless you have inflicted 50% of the damage.

- we have extended the range on buffs and healing which will be based in the order of group – nearest to furthest – non group – nearest to furthest.

- We have removed the stat bonuses from the wxp traits and made a new series of traits purchasable by anyone. These will be represented by a WvW buff you will get when you port into WvW. These will take the form of a tiered progression so level one buys you 2 points, level two 4 points, level three 7 points, level four 14 points etc etc right up to 250 points.

- respecs for wxp traits will be available at the cost of 250 badges.

- we have added a lot of pointer options for customisation to better allow it to be seen in the thick of combat.

- We have changed the colour of enemy names to better reflect the side they represent, their names will show up the same colour as their faction by default but is customisable to whatever colour you choose. This is the same for group members, realm friendlies, guild members.

- We have introduced more titles based on WvW achievements.

- Commanders can alter the colour of their tags when they ‘tag up’ we have also included the option to be represented by your guild symbol rather than the standard V.

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Your dream WvW patch notes

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Posted by: Phantom.8130


-the commander system as been completely revamped. it’s now account-bound. the UI to create a squad now includes different options for the icons, as we as colors. there is also an option to toggle your tag to show publicly to all those on the map, or privately to only those in your squad. furthermore, new UI has been added to display 6 parties of 5 in the minimalist view, with numbers beside each name showing how much supply each member of your squad has. the total supply is listed beside your name. the range for /supplyinfo has been tripled.

-the rally mechanic has been disabled if WvW. the downed state is still present. players who are dead can be revived within 3 minutes by someone who is out of combat. at the end of 3 minutes, if a person hasn’t been revived they are automatically respawned at the starting waypoint.

- when a player is dead, the map screen opens up automatically and cannot be closed manually.

- combo fields no longer stack. they still function as normal. if someone currently is currently under the effect of a combo field, a new target it chosen to receive the benefits.

- trebuchet range has been reduced from 10,000 to 7500.

-the garrison on the borderlands has switched places with the northern camp.

- the skritt and centaur have been removed, and two new towers have been added in their place.

- siege no longer despawns if built inside a structure your server owns. siege built in the field decays after 15 minutes of not being used. rams can no longer be built inside structures your server owns.

- each area now has a “sentrying” event, which spawns after someone has been in an area for 15 minutes and ever 15 minutes in which an area goes without being attacked. to help alleviate the boredom that comes with the role. there are multiple types, consisting of minor PvE attacks, run-and-fetch style missions to the closest camp set on a timer, and escort missions to the closest structures and back. these events do not reward any gold, xp, or karma, but purely WXP at a level to compensate the tradeoff.

- defense quests now give equal rewards to attacking quests.

- upgrades no longer cost gold/silver. instead they use karma, so that it’s finally good for something other than finding ways to convert it to gold.

- the orbs have returned! however, they no longer grant stat buffs. instead, holding 1 orb will decrease the costs of the upgrades by 15%. holding 2 orbs will cause the upgrades to build 10% faster. holding all 3 will reduce the supply cost of all upgrades by 5% (credit goes to manatakuta for coming up with these bonuses) furthermore, the orbs are no longer able to be carried by players. instead, each keep will have an “orb herald” which is able to carry it. the orb herald must be escorted to the orb, and protected while carrying it. he does no damage, but has defenses and HP equivalent to the breakout commanders.

-speaking of breakout commanders….. they no longer go to a tower. each server now only has 2 breakout commanders. one in EB and one in their home borderland. they now go to the keep/garrison, instead of to one of the towers. they are breakOUT commanders, not break IN commanders. to prevent them from being exploited for a free supply refill, they cannot be triggered if a server owns any areas on the map aside from camps.

- new siege has been added.
* “spyglasses” can be built for 10 supply, and allow those using it to see much greater distances.
* “sapper bombs” have also been added. these cost 40 supply to build, and are able to damage walls, and are single use items. they do damage equivalent to 3 hits from a ram on a gate.
* “tripwire traps” have been added. these cost 10 supply, last for 1 hour, and are not destroyed when triggered.

- waypoints no longer go uncontested in between defense events

- white swords no longer appear on the map/minimap when an area is attacked. if you want to know about it, you better have someone there to keep an eye out for it.

- all terrain bugs/exploits have been fixed.

- hacking has been added to the list in the report function. it automatically takes a screenshot when selected.

- referees have been hired to oversee each of the matches. they are simply there to make sure everyone plays by the rules and do not affect the outcome in any way.

- a public test server has been added so that we can revamp the WXP system, as well as other things, with feedback from the community that will be affected by any changes we make to the game.

- we’ve let Devon out of the basement where we kept him chained to the wall with nothing but a laptop and a rubber ball for exercise. he’s been allowed to eat. we’ve also hired a full team for him to work with, replacing the chimpanzee and bowling shoe that were previously helping him. we wish them both luck in their future endeavors, and we’re sure they’ll have no problems finding employment.

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Your dream WvW patch notes

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Posted by: cbrooksc.9358


We are removing the broken Ranger pet mechanic and giving the rangers their 25% damage the pet was stealing from them and not using properly.

Your dream WvW patch notes

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Posted by: kingcragus.6810


-New maps


Your dream WvW patch notes

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Posted by: Raphael Williams.3671

Raphael Williams.3671

Reinforcement counter should be added.

Amount of reinforcements should be very very high so that it takes about a day short of a week to deplete. Each map basically gets 5000 reinforcements. When your reinforcement counter hits 0 your server can no longer enter that map.

If two teams hit zero on ALL maps, the surviving team is awarded a fixed number of reward points^ and wvw ends for that week.

If a game concludes before the natural reset on friday then Large bosses ( campion or legendary) spawn periodically throughout the maps. But be careful, the winning team STILL has a reinforcement counter. During this time SM would offer a ONE TIME, challenging open world raid style dungeon, and completion would award precursors and ascended items slightly higher than most drop rates for them.

This would fix both the meta strategy of largest population winning wvw. It would eliminate “coverage” also because servers playing at off times to other servers cannot rundown the reinforcements of those inactive servers. Thus, making a reinforcement win still a viable option and constant threat. Also, it should eliminate or decrease Ques by discouraging players who die often to not join.

It would also discourage glass cannon builds.

The only real problem would be the discouraging of up-levels to join and level up in wvw. However due to the slower nature of level progression in wvw Vs pure pve, uplevels are already discouraged from joining wvw pre -80. In addition, uplevels probably should be flipping NPCs and not in zergs.

^( 250,000 points, or enough to barely win in first place if you were 3rd all week. This means if a team is strong enough early on in the week and they happen to lose by reinforcements at the very end they still have a chance of winning and a smaller underdog server of skilled players has a better chance of beating a larger , higher tiered server if they play objectively first and deny the larger server points then go for kills)

Your dream WvW patch notes

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Posted by: krieb.6039


- Auto-looting (not having to press a button for looting)
- Removal of in-combat movement speed
- Private commander tags added OR party tags added (can put an icon on a specific group member)
- Removal of waypoints (already being implemented??)
- Reduce siege damage against players

Your dream WvW patch notes

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Posted by: Tribio.8531


All good, but the one thing I want to see would be:
- Removed all tower/keep glitches/bugs
- Adjusted gamecode so third party programs will be detected and infracted, resulting in a permanent account ban

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Your dream WvW patch notes

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Posted by: Shadow.3475


1. Select color on the different sides.
2. Select how you see who your aiming at, something like Target is now but you get it automatically on the one you aim.
3. Change in reward system so you get more if you take or defend a building that is good defended, this is both with lvl it is on upgraded and how many that defend it, were key is how many defend, like 20% what lv and 70% how many players. Example taking fully upgraded SM undefended should give less point then taking a supply camp defended by 30players.
4. Min time it takes to break down a gate or wall, paper gate/wall something like 30sec, reinforced gate/wall 120sec, fortified wall 300sec.

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Your dream WvW patch notes

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Posted by: Aeolus.3615


Every man(player) can dream right?

-Much Larger Maps
- Several resources instead of supplies (mines, swammils, Mist Crystals.
- Alliances\guild had to build their castles XD (from X models deppending on alliance\guild points).
- Castles \ towers would have inner components. even could be some instanced zones like portals for JP to castle inner rooms.
- Movable siege
- No more tower siege to castle siege.
- Commander tag colors and symbols selection menu for better cordenation.
- Guild Symbol on tag as we had on Beta.
- For fast travel with siege Doylak farm to carry siege.
-Siege as upgrades on buildings.
- More siege vehicles/
- Might lock servers.
- More terrains(Desert; florest etc)
- Maybe a sky ship to try air invasions.
- Guild banners could be carried by officers with special field roles.

Yeah a totally different game.

Admit that some of the content is based on other mmo’s and strategy games.

Sometimes the best game/content is to put together the best of each game genra, and inovate that way showing how marvelous those elements can work together.

1st April joke, when gw2 receives a “balance” update.

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Your dream WvW patch notes

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Posted by: RiWiJo.7502


We are announcing a new Raid management system where commanders can move players in and out of specific groups—similar to what every other MMO can do. Better late than never.

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Your dream WvW patch notes

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Posted by: Emmet.2943


- Some Seige is now movable
- New Seige has been added
-Moble dolyaks that follow commanders have been added can only have a max of 200 supply being moble out in the world at a time so commanders will have to either split or focus all supply around 1 commander
-Siege, tower, and banner skins are now available in the gem store
-We have added and/or Changed up maps in WvW
-Outmanned buff now increases stats(current state doesn’t make sense as an outmanned server isn’t gonna be able to “farm” as much as the server who is dominating them so the outmanned buff needs to try and give these players a slight advantage not better farming)
-Getting finished by a player now teleports you back to the spawn in WvW(I wouldn’t mind a player dying forcing them back as well just tired of people sitting on the ground and a few deaths being meaningless to a zerg)
-Dolyaks no longer go up to keeps and/or towers that you do not own.
-The commander system has been overhauled now allowing commanders to change their symbol, color, and have a full raid ui for managing their squads. We have also added a commander only chat and a Squad leader chat so commanders may communicate with their server and squad leaders easier.
- You can now see the location of all friendly units on the map
-The sub races have been overhauled now they have an upgrade tree like the rest of WvW and have multiple ways of being taken over. You can also help them fortify their location to increase the amount of support they send out onto the field.
-Wxp and Ranks are now Account bound
-No more loot bags unless your bags are full
-Removal of combat speed
-When destroyed Siege now drops items players can use to bash their enemies faces in(planks, peices of metal, etc)These items despawn within 1 minute of the spawning.
-Winning WvW now nets your server with a Chest that only drops rare+ items. Only people who participated in WvW that week may get this chest.
-AoE cap is mostly gone although some skills still are affected by it(like mass invis a skill that should revolve around small group play)

I have more but I need to go to work so I’ll add to this when i get back

Your dream WvW patch notes

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Posted by: Gamadorn.2670


I just wanted to help the ANET dev’s out……since this useful information will be ignored in lieu of changing server colors….

Notice how all of these people seem to have recurring items and theme’s in their posts…there are differences…but if you compile a list im sure a few will stick out….get that list…prioritize by how long you think it will take you…and get to work

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Your dream WvW patch notes

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Posted by: Straegen.2938


  • Skill Lag Fix
  • New Map
  • No more rally
  • Dead requires waypoint
  • WvW Mastery Reset
  • Account bound WvW Masteries
  • Fix drop from party and party context menus
  • Waypoints become contested when outer is breached and stay that way until it is repaired
  • GvG system from the original GW
  • Guild Commander Tag
  • Add randomized map objectives each tick that give bonus points/items for holding it at the end of tick. Each tick on a map would have several bonus objectives that must be held in order to get the bonuses.

Ultimately I would like to see the server v server concept removed completely. I suggest matchups be created by matching guilds together against equally sized/effective guilds. Guilds could flag other guilds as enemies or allies which would factor in who goes into which matchup each week so Guild A that is an enemy of Guild B would likely be pitted against them. Ranking would be guild based, on a scoreboard (for the chest thumping) and would factor into next weeks matchups.

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Your dream WvW patch notes

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Posted by: Feed Me Change.6528

Feed Me Change.6528

All upgrades take 300% the time to complete.

No more hiding behind T3 walls/door with 15 arrow carts/cannons/mortar/trebs/entire German Army.

My fun laughs at your server pride.

Your dream WvW patch notes

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Posted by: styx.7294


Fixed party system

Gate of Madness

Your dream WvW patch notes

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Posted by: Steelo.4597


- Garrison south inner gate will now be affected by upgrades aswell.

i fear we will look back to this day and remember the good old wvw as it is now – Jan 2015